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About Ivalua

Established in 2000, Ivalua is one of the leading global vendors in Spend Management Software, with primary offices located in the US and in Europe.

Ivalua offers a comprehensive and modular suite covering the whole Spend Management spectrum, from the strategic side to the transactional and the analytical sides as well.

Targeting global medium to large size companies, Ivalua has successfully implemented more than 100 projects worldwide, across 12 different sectors, and is used daily by 150,000 users and 500,000 suppliers from more than 70 countries in 15 different languages.

Why have so many clients selected and remain with Ivalua?

Survey after survey, year after year, a few common reasons stood out:

  • Our clients recognize in our team a mix of real Procurement and Software Expertise. In particular, they appreciate the way we drive Product configuration to support their Business processes and generate sustainable business results.
  • They also praise our flexibility: flexibility of our solution, offering extremely configurable features; flexibility in assembling only the modules they need; flexibility of deployment (on premise or SaaS); flexibility in pricing (from pay-per-seat to fixed subscription options); and flexibility to incorporate new requirements during the project, through our agile-based iterative project approach.
  • End Users like the ease of use of Ivalua Buyer’s User Interface: easy access to essential features, clean design and user experience, comparable to the best consumer websites, accelerates adoption by all types of users. As Procurement processes can be complex, we clearly see our mission as the need to “Simplify complexity”.
  • Finally, our clients appreciate our team’s strong commitment to real value and long term satisfaction. Our organization and investments are driven to actively support our existing clients, enhance their applications, and expand it across their organization. This is reflected by our financial records : 2/3 of our revenue comes from our client portfolio, and our subscription renewal rate over 98%!

We are so confident of our software and ability to bring value that we offer an easy way to get started testing our solution in live conditions.

In 2 to 4 weeks, you can get your Ivalua Proof of Concept configured to support selected critical use cases, and see how your users love it and the real value you get from it!

So try before you buy…