Contract and Pricing Software

Contract & Pricing Software

Locking In the Value


A contract is fundamental – a repository of critical information needed by all parties. With Ivalua, manage all your contract processes in one place, from negotiation through signature and renewal.



Why Ivalua for Contracts?


  • Leverage a single, central repository providing global visibility over all contracts.
  • Reduce contract cycle times through interactive negotiation between parties and streamlined approval processes.
  • Manage and automate contract renewals, price changes, expiration notifications and terminations.


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Ivalua Contract Management Modules

Ivalua Contract
Management Modules

Contract Management

Manage contract commitments in one place and get reminders as critical renewal or expiration dates approach.


  • Support different contract types and their parent/child relationships through contract hierarchy management.
  • Manage and report on key negotiated terms of your contracts.
  • Manage contract access level permissions by user profile.
  • Maintain confidentiality of data in the system as well as in attached documents.
  • Generate reports using a direct link with the supplier repository.
  • Find anything with optimized search and adhoc reporting (including pdf searches).


One stop shop for procurement, legal, and business stakeholders to view and report on their contract commitments, manage contract attachments and date reminders, and even search legacy contracts in pdf form.

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Price List & Catalogs

Share the management of pricing and catalog updates with your suppliers through the collaborative supplier portal and track internal approvals before updates are published to users


  • Import and update supplier pricelists and catalogs with full error management.
  • Compare item prices and use workflow approval prior to including in the catalog.
  • Search catalog items and punchout catalogs with an easy-to-use interface.
  • Manage items and suppliers, promotional items and recommended items.
  • Save time with saved carts and favorite shopping lists.


Stay current with contract pricing through supplier initiated catalog and pricing updates and ensure contract compliance through a business specific approval process. Simplify the purchasing process with robust catalog search functionality and reduce off contract spend by flagging preferred suppliers and items, promotional items, and recommended items.
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Contract Authoring

Manage the entire contract life cycle through online authoring of clauses, legal approval workflows and amendment controls.


  • Create contracts from scratch, from templates, from previous contracts or directly from an awarded sourcing project.
  • Access a comprehensive clauses library with approved and alternative language versions of contract clauses.
  • Generate a dynamic table of contents with clause numbers and auto-updating fields.
  • Create different contract workflows based on the type, commodity or value allocation of the contract
  • Use out-of-the-box integration with DocuSign, a leading electronic signature provider.
  • Generate requisitions and invoices directly from contracts.


Efficiently manage the entire contract life cycle while increasing compliance through improved collaboration, streamlined approval processes, and increased transparency.
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Asset & Tooling

Track locations, usage, depreciation, maintenance and de-commissioning of key assets.


  • Capture asset numbers, pictures, labels and other meta-data points.
  • Track depreciation, maintenance and usage.
  • Link directly to suppliers or contractors who are in physical possession of key assets.
  • Associate tooling to the individual parts they are used to manufacture (including volumes per month that may drive wear and tear on the tooling).


Assets are an important part of your business and most systems overlook the need to manage them in the same place as purchasing data, contracts and supplier data. Ivalua recognizes the need to capture and track asset data and provides the added benefit of collaborating with your suppliers while managing assets at offsite locations. Don’t worry about losing another piece of tooling again. Ivalua provides the full history and audit of your tools so you can quickly and easily track them down.
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Item & Service MDM

Gain control over Item & Service Master Data by using a single primary record as the source of truth for item creation and maintenance


  • Use Ivalua as the primary master source of truth for item & service data across your enterprise.
  • Capture comprehensive item & service information in one place by using out of the box Item master and easy configurations to capture evolving needs for product and services data.
  • Easily sync and update item & service master data between the Ivalua primary record and multiple other secondary tables in ERP and legacy systems, by using our robust data administration features.


Save time and effort by using an easy system for item & service master data maintenance vs. constantly managing data in multiple systems. Reduce compliance and delivery risks by formalizing an enterprise wide repository.