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e-Procurement & Catalogs

  • Save processing time and centralize purchase requisitions, purchase orders and invoices
  • Improve control and management of spend by using validation workflows and budget monitoring
  • Realize the savings that were projected when signing with the supplier

The e-procurement suite is composed of five modules that allow the management of different stages of the procurement process: from importing supplier catalogs to invoice processing, including purchase requisitions management, purchase orders and deliveries.

The user has a single entry point to the application to issue a purchase request for listed or unlisted products, or for the procurement of services.

In addition to the efficiencies gained over the entire procurement chain, Ivalua’s e-procurement tools contribute to better control of spend by assigning purchase requests to the best existing contracts and by applying an appropriate validation workflow as well as budget monitoring. Purchase requistion grouping functions allow buyers to aggregate purchases created by disparate requests and to launch an appropriate e-sourcing event (RFx, auction, etc.) for suppliers to meet the needs of requisitioners while obtaining the best price for goods.

Main functionalities


  • Multi-criteria search engine
  • Supplier catalog import and update with error management
  • Product descriptions with comparison tables
  • Incorporates punch-out catalogs
  • Characteristics, options and substitute products
  • Dedicated cart management (favorite article lists)


  • Budget loading function
  • Budget management by fiscal year, cost center, organization, project, etc.
  • Analysis of a budget line item using different categories: Organization, cost center, project, nature of the load, fiscal year
  • Budget line spend analysis based on progress status (budgeted, negotiation, contracted, invoiced)
  • Configurable alerts in case of budget overspend

Purchase requisitions/Orders

  • Multi-criteria search engine for purchase requisitions and purchase orders based on the user functional area
  • Purchase requisitions account for multiple costs, multiple suppliers, and multiple delivery sites
  • Configurable validation workflow based on the type of purchase requisitions
  • Creation and distribution of company-specific custom purchase order forms
  • Automatic cost category assignment based on the user profile and the type of purchase
  • Tracking of the indicators «Projected expenses» and «Contracted expenses» based on budget categories
  • Spot Bidding directly from a requisition
  • Saving advanced payments on orders
  • Discount percentage management

Goods Receipts

  • Multi-criteria search engine for receipts
  • Tracking of contracted expenses based on budget categories
  • Creation of total or partial receipts
  • Multiple charges to the budget at fulfillment


  • Time saved importing and updating catalogs
  • Optimization of the purchase requisition / order administrative processing time
  • Better coverage of spend by Purchasing Management
  • Better control over budgets
  • As-needed purchasing / Overstock eliminated
  • Better compliance with negotiated contracts
  • Faster processing of supplier anomalies

Our advantages

  • End-to-end coverage of e-procurement
  • Creation of a purchase order in 3 clicks
  • Configurable approval workflow
  • Multiformat catalog import with correction management and validation stages
  • Non catalog purchasing support
  • Recurrent purchasing management
  • Invoice digitization offered as a complementary bundle
  • Intuitive design for rapid adoption
  • Configurability allows users to add fields and customize user interface

Deployment modes

Where do you want it?
You pick where your Spend Management solution lives:

The "Cloud"

This Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) deployment lets you focus on business while Ivalua manages the rest (hosting, uptime, support, and upgrades). Our Fortune 500 clients rest easy with our SLA guarantees and a secure data center with SAS 70 Type II certification. Avoid IT labor and capital expenses: this is your fastest and most affordable way to GoLive and get Business results.


If your organization already has a strong data center and maintenance organization but would benefit from Ivalua managing the actual software, a “hybrid” hosting arrangement may be best. The data center hardware, network and operating systems are owned and operated by your IT but the Ivalua suite is installed and maintained by Ivalua operations. Most of the SaaS SLAs still apply, but it ultimately resides on your infrastructure.


If your IT is actively involved, perhaps a full install of the Ivalua Suite inside your firewall is the deployment model you need. This approach provides complete control over the full user experience by internal staff.