Ivalua Additional Solutions

The Ivalua Platform offers a number of additional solutions that enable customers to address processes that are tied to the source-to-pay process. These solutions work seamlessly with any other Ivalua solutions and offer the same consistent user experience.

Vendor Master Data Management

Fix it, once and for all. Ivalua’s Vendor Master Data Management (VMM) capability captures, cleanses, and maintains clean and accurate vendor master data across business units, processes, and multiple and various ERP(s) systems in the required format. VMM enables efficient processes ensuring an accurate, complete, and auditable process to support opportunity identification and minimize the costs of poor quality.

  • A single and clean source of supplier master data Ivalua provides the capability to be the centralized integrated source of all master data for suppliers and can feed all relevant systems.
  • ERP integration flexibility Ivalua has the demonstrated ability to deeply integrate with various and multiple erps platforms. Ivalua is able to match ERP schemas to extract, import and manage master data to ensure deep integrations to support business processes.
  • Smart deduplication and merge capabilities Ivalua provides deep and robust tools to ensure master data is cleansed, deduplicated and is pristine before sending the data back to the various ERP systems.

Item and Service Master

A single source of truth for all items and services. Ivalua’s Item and Service Master capability provides organizations with a way to manage, simplify and harmonize the complexity of item and service data across the ERP ecosystem. The solution maintains and standardizes data across all ERPs, ensuring global teams and supply chains have access to the right information at the right time. This reduces errors, improves opportunity identification, and maximizes value of negotiations, contracts, and supplier and category strategy.

  • One source of truth Maintain a primary master and source of truth for item and service data across the enterprise and entire ERP and legacy system ecosystem.
  • Capture and maintain Capture comprehensive item and service information in one place by using out-of-the-box item master and easy configurations to capture evolving needs for product and services data.
  • Obtain transparency, visibility, better opportunity identification Lower supply costs through higher contract utilization by improving transparency, visibility, and insights into suppliers, spend and relevance.
  • Reduce risk and transaction errors Reduces transaction errors and duplicate efforts across the organization.

Assets & Tooling

Centrally track and manage asset & tooling lifecycles. Ivalua’s Assets & Tooling enables organizations to collaboratively track locations, usage, depreciation, maintenance, and decommissioning of key assets. The solution promotes collaboration with workflow between stakeholders and suppliers, to manage activities across an asset or tools lifecycle. Assets and Tooling provides centralization and organization, so Procurement has a clear picture of budgetary needs for replacement or maintenance timelines, reducing or largely eliminating unplanned expenses.

  • Gather all asset information Capture asset numbers, pictures, labels, and other meta-data points.
  • Keep track Track depreciation, maintenance, location, and usage of key assets.
  • Monitor third-party usage Link directly to suppliers or contractors who are in physical possession of key assets.
  • Know wear and tear on tools Associate tooling to the individual parts used to manufacture (including volumes per month that may drive wear and tear on the tooling).

Advanced Services Procurement

Realize the value of external workforce. Leverage all types of external labor with an efficient engagement and follow-up channel. Get visibility into the delivery and progress of services purchases and avoid unnecessary costs.

  • Increase talent reach Easily leverage all talent channels (contingent labor agencies, freelancers, consultancies, MSPs), accelerate selection process and ensure a perfect match between talent and need.
  • Achieve end-to-end process excellence Speed up talent on/offboarding, ensure compliance with policies and legislation (rate cards, master agreements) and secure the re-engagement process.
  • Ensure quality service Get full visibility of service quality with deep granularity (from supplier and project levels to the individual contributor level), assess against milestones, deliverables, KPIs, and whether working on a SOW or a time and material basis.
  • Stay on-budget Monitor cost and project cadence in real-time through consumption alerts, timesheet and milestone approvals.


Embed expense management into your AP journey. Today’s workers are mobile and may not have an office location. Expenses can be submitted from anywhere. To this end, our Expense Stream handles the flow of claims and their images into the Payables team. With duplication and tax checks making light work of every claim, touchless expenses are possible. Ivalua’s mobile-friendly interface makes expense submission quick and easy, regardless of the work location.

  • Embed expense management into the AP journey
  • Automate the flow of expense reports into Accounts Payable
  • Ensure policy compliance at submission time
  • Link expenses to corporate p-card transactions

Early Payments

Capture new savings with early payment discounts. The optional Early Payments module includes all the content and interfaces needed to run an early payment discount program. It enables additional savings to be captured from suppliers by offering sliding-scale discounts based on early payment. Invite suppliers into the program via the Supplier Portal, and from there, they can select the best dynamic discount options. The module includes all the workflow needed to set up and run the program.

  • Create multiple sliding early payment programs
  • Enable enrolled suppliers to select approved invoices, and offer a discount
  • Gain visibility of working capital savings for the buyer

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