Ivalua Recognized as Value Leaders in eProcurement by Spend Matters

We are delighted to share that Spend Matters, a reputable analyst group in procurement and supply chain, released their inaugural eProcurement SolutionMap Report where Ivalua was recognized as a Value Leader and Customer Leader across the Practitioner Personas.

Spend Matters offers a novel approach to buying by offering 6 SolutionMaps based on different procurement personas. The 6 Personas consider organizational requirements and a vendor’s unique value proposition and solution strategy.

Participating vendors completed an extensive RFI, including a mandatory 90-minute live demo. On top of the analyst rating, the SolutionMap includes a customer rating based on real-life experiences with the solution. Expect to find charts for eProcurement, Invoice-to-Pay and Procure-to-Pay at the end of every quarter as it is updated post launch to actively reflect market developments (which means more and more vendors will participate in the process).

Send Matters eProcurement SolutionMap

We are grateful to our customer community. We are excited that our customers gave Ivalua the highest Customer Score out of 14 providers in the SolutionMap. Today, we are the only provider to be recognized as Leader in both Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Strategic Sourcing and Spend Matter’s Solution Map for eProcurement.

Ivalua Recognized as Value Leader in Spend Matters SolutionMap for the following Personas:

  • Deep Persona: for highly sophisticated organizations looking for the best solution for the job; best-in-class functionality with no compromises.
  • DIY Persona: for moderate to highly sophisticated organizations with unique process requirements looking for modularity, configurability, integration; supporting flexible, diverse and evolving needs.
  • MEGA Persona: for mature, outcome-focused organizations requiring a combination of functional capability/solution enablement; pre-loaded capabilities and content; and tips, tricks and guidance.
  • ERP Wrapper Persona: for organizations with strong ERP backbone looking for a new “skin” atop ERP to transform the user experience; strong supplier/content enablement and connectivity.

Ivalua Recognized as Customer Leader in Spend Matters SolutionMap for the following Personas:

  • Nimble Persona: for early formation organizations who need speed, efficiency, low price, quick value and a continuous stream of quick “wins.”

Read the full report here to learn why Spend Matters recognized Ivalua as a Leader in SolutionsMap.

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