Top 3 Articles for Procurement Leaders – January 2016

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5 Supply Chain Resolutions for an Agile 2016

Supply & Demand Chain Executive on ProcurementYou can never approach a new year expecting things will run smoothly and an unforeseen challenge won’t disrupt your well-oiled machine. That’s why Supply & Demand Chain Executive asked themselves a few key questions like, “what tools do you wish you had to help you through tough times?” or “what operational lessons can you draw from last year?” From that discussion, they developed a few key resolutions for 2016 that might be useful as you map out the upcoming year.

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Procurement: Be Intelligent and Disrupt Yourself

Spend Matters on ProcurementWhile the term technology can be ubiquitous, many procurement leaders consider technological improvements as improved processes and workflow enablers. But if procurement groups want to avoid being caught behind the curve, it would be wise to get ahead of the game by formulating strategies revolving around advanced analytics, big data, cognitive computing and everything-as-a-service platforms (XaaS).

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Leaders Get Far More Return from their Investment in Procurement

Supply Chain Digest on ProcurementA new study from AT Kearney finds that top companies see returns 12 times their investment in procurement compared to just four times for the average firm. While it’s unclear on how these numbers are derived, it’s important to note that correlation doesn’t equal causation.

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