Ivalua: Caring For Our Employees During This Unsettling Time

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Happy Friday!

The last couple of months have been tough for everyone and have been filled with lots of worries for many of us. It has, however, also given us the time to reflect on many things. One thing in particular our team has been reflecting on is how great Ivalua has been in making sure we all as employees have been looked after and supported during these unprecedented times.

At the very beginning of the lockdown we were guided from the top – we had an initial global call to announce the changes so we were all aligned on the company’s approach.

We had a very smooth transition. Thanks to our amazing IT department we had immediate access to all resources. Working from home was easily supported.

Morning meet and greets were set up….even virtual coffee mornings and virtual “Happy Hours” became a regular occurrence!

We took the initiative to send out regular internal emails to our team with updates we wanted to share with each other and also “morale boosters” to help keep everyone’s spirits up….sometimes these “morale boosters’’ are just a funny picture, some good news or even a picture of one of our pets!

We are also lucky enough to have healthcare insurance provided by Ivalua which has allowed us to obtain a doctor’s appointment via video consultation if needed, which has been highly reassuring for many people during these unsettling times. This is a global initiative from Ivalua spanning all regions. With many of us being sheltered in place alone, mental health can be an issue but with the healthcare plan provided by Ivalua we have free access to Thrive – an app that can help boost your mental wellbeing.

We have had reassuring messages from leadership during this time of fragmented working – more important and even more appreciated than before. These messages have reassured us and shown our leadership appreciates the work we do while we are all at home.

Looking back, all of these things in combination have ensured that as Ivalua employees we have felt supported and taken care of during this difficult time and for this we are very grateful.

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