Inventory Collaboration

Collaborate better to optimize stocks

Optimize inventory management

Organizations often face challenges due to poor visibility and collaboration internally and with suppliers around optimizing inventory levels. This can result in shortages, supply disruptions or unnecessarily high levels of inventory, impacting working capital.

Ivalua allows you to have immediate access to inventory information and to replenish stocks only when relevant. Collaboration and visibility for suppliers that manage inventory for you (Vendor Managed Inventory) is also improved, giving them more autonomy and information.

The Inventory Collaboration solution extends our Procure-to-Pay offering, strengthening internal and external collaboration in order to optimize inventory management.

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Inventory Dashboard

Inventory Visibility

Save money and optimize cash by leveraging inventory information in your ordering process. You will be able to streamline inventory and maximize existing stock usage, but also secure the supply chain by anticipating potential shortage and strained stock levels.

Our solution allows you to:

  • Optimize purchase quantities with quick access to stock-level information (on hand, minimum, maximum)
  • Replenish stock levels in a timely manner thanks to our alert system 
  • Easily allocate stocks to relevant storage locations with full visibility into stock distribution, and preferred locations
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Inventory management solution

Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)

Collaborate better with suppliers who manage inventory for you by sharing stock and forecast information. Relieve Procurement teams from this workload while still ensuring control on replenishment quantities, timing and location.

Our solution allows you to:

  • Share inventory levels and demand forecasts easily with suppliers
  • Collaborate efficiently with suppliers on VMI through the supplier portal
  • Increase supplier autonomy on replenishment orders within the agreed boundaries (i.e., min, max levels)
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