Analyze business system project requirements including delivery, configuration, testing, project milestones and budgets. Create project plans and manage the implementation to established timeline and budget. Collaborate with solution architects and the engineering team and to translate client requirements into business system design. Advise clients regarding business systems design, set expectations for delivery and communicate trade-offs in scope variances. Direct clients towards best practices and solutions for business system needs. Advise regarding configuration solutions and deliver advanced enhancements. Define test plans and complete client specific quality assurance testing of business systems. Collaborate with technical resources to provide data migration, integration and deployment support for business systems. Apply project management skills and functional knowledge of SRM, supply chain procurement. Analyze and develop plans to complete projects with the best technical design and approach. Analyze and manage risks and mitigation plans at the program level. Determine operational feasibility by evaluating requirements, solution development, and proposed solutions. Forecast financial performance and establish project budgets.

EDUCATION:            Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, or related or foreign equivalent.

EXPERIENCE:          12 Months in Position offered, Project Manager, or related


  1. Experience analyzing business system requirements;
  2. Experience with business system integration;
  3. Experience with supply chain procurement; and
  4.   Experience with project management.

Full-time position. 40 hours per week. Job site:  New York, NY. Interested candidates mail resume to our HQ, c/o Ms. Paola Jaimes at Ivalua Inc, 805 Veterans Blvd. Redwood City, CA 94063.

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