Professional Services Manager

Redwood City, CA, USA

Job Descriptions

Prepare configuration management plans and participate in design reviews, configuration audits and evaluations of software products to ensure proper identification, control, and status of applications. Manage project execution to ensure adherence to schedule and scope. Monitor and track project deliverables. Develop plans to complete projects and support program management in configuration control by developing, interpreting and implementing configuration management procedures in accordance with company procedures and standards. Collaborate with development, quality assurance and operations teams to implement solutions and ensure high quality processes and releases. Manage code configuration throughout test environments and ensure all configuration management deliverables are promoted properly into production. Supervise six (6) employees; one (1) Implementation Project Manager, two (2) Professional Services Consultants, two (2) Project Engineers and one (1) Technical Consultant.


Bachelor’s degree in business administration or related or foreign degree equivalent. In lieu of Bachelor’s degree, employer will accept 3-year foreign degree with 1 year of experience in project management, or related field. Employer will accept any suitable combination of education, training or experience.


24 months as position offered, project manager or related.


  1. Experience with E-Procurement and E-Sourcing;
  2. Experience with Procurement Processes;
  3. Experience with System Configuration through SQL;
  4. Experience with Microsoft SQL Server Database Management Systems;
  5. Experience with Project Management including quality and risk.

Salary: $145,000 per year. 40 hours per week. Job site: Redwood City, CA. Interested candidates mail resume to c/o Ms. Jaimes, Ivalua, Inc., 805 Veterans Blvd, #203, Redwood City, CA 94063.

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