Ivalua Now 2020 au Carrousel du Louvre

Surrounded by the Louvre pyramide, the jardin des Tuileries and a luxurious shopping centre, the Salles du Carrousel du Louvre are at the heart of Paris’ 1st district. The perfect place to invite European and International Procurement leaders at our 2020 event Ivalua Now Paris.

99 Rue de Rivoli,
75001 Paris, France

  • The Carrousel du Louvre is open to the public and offers a direct access to the “pyramide inversée”, historical landmark from architect Ieoh Ming Pei
  • On your way to Ivalua Now Paris 2020, you will walk by part of the old Louvre moat
  • The Carrousel du Louvre welcomes tourists and shoppers since 1993
  • The hall leading up to the Salles du Carrousel du Louvre have been renovated in 2016, it combines tradition and modernity

We chose this beautiful venue in 2019 and it is with great pleasure that we will be hosting here again in 2020. For our newest edition Ivalua Now Paris, Journey to Procurement Excellence, we are inviting you to discover this old Paris neighbourhood and its architectural excellence. We will continue this journey at La Conciergerie for a celebratory 20th anniversary dinner!

Gala dinner at La Conciergerie


Situated in a central location, on the “île de la Cité”, between Notre-Dame cathedral and the Pont Neuf, la Conciergerie is a historical venue that once was a medieval palace, then became a courthouse and finally a prison. This former royalty palace is the venue we are honoured to host our Ivalua 20th anniversary dinner in.

Thursday March 19th, 2020
7.00pm – midnight

La Conciergerie,
2 Boulevard du Palais,
75001 Paris,

About la Conciergerie*

Originally, the name Conciergerie comes from Concierge: A person who was appointed by the king to maintain order, the police and record the prisoners. This building was a place of power from the 6th century when Clovis decided to make it his royal residence on the Ile de la Cité. In the XIIIth century, Louis IX then embellished the building with the construction of the palace chapel. It will then become the headquarters of the Paris parliament, the kingdom’s leading judicial body. The major trials of the revolutionary court, held at the palace between 1793 and 1795, marked the transition from the Revolution to the Terror. The Conciergerie was the last prison to hold Marie Antoinette.