Ivalua Buyer V7 : new release

Redwood City, CA – October 19, 2011 – Ivalua, a leading manufacturer of e-Procurement software, recently presented Ivalua Buyer V7 at a promotional event in Paris called Ivalua-On-Air, with nearly 300 spending and e-Procurement professionals in attendance. Ivalua Buyer V7 gives enterprise users an efficient tool for successfully managing every aspect of the procurement cycle, from upfront spend analysis, through collaborative sourcing activities and closing the loop through better management of the procure-to-pay cycle. Through comprehensive spend management, Ivalua Buyer V7 helps enterprise users optimize the procurement process and control spending, thus enabling a quicker return on investment.

Three key enhancements that define Ivalua Buyer V7 as the most ergonomic collaborative spending tool:

1 – Ergonomic Improvements

The ergonomic framework built into Ivalua Buyer V7 has been redesigned from the ground up so that users can now enjoy an improved easy-to-use interface combined with more intuitive procurement workflows and the ability to complete procurement tasks more quickly. Addressing the requirements of enterprise Procurement and Sourcing professionals, the new version of Ivalua V7 is designed to ensure quick and ongoing user adoption while enabling existing procurement teams to process a higher volume of procurement tasks.

2 – Easy-to-use configuration toolset

In Ivalua Buyer V7, the system administration and configuration toolset is extremely robust and easy-to-use. The enhanced V7 interface groups system administration and application configuration tasks together in the same easy-to-use interface, allowing simple setup tasks to be performed in the same area of the application, without requiring screen-to-screen navigation. This provides non-technical, business stakeholders the ability to easily configure the system for their specific needs. Responding directly to our customer’s requirements, Ivalua Buyer V7 allows for timely updates that can be made to the spend management platform at a low cost.

The main enhancements to the Ivalua Buyer V7 configuration toolset are listed below:

  • Screen configurability (changes to fields, frames, pushbuttons and tabs)
  • Workflow configurability (using a graphic flowchart editor)
  • Advanced query toolset
  • Pilot console for viewing interface and configuration updates
  • Language toolset (Localizations)
  • Module activation and de-activation toolset
  • Audit Trail traceability
  • Parameter transport capability

3 – Version 7 delivers enhancements to all Ivalua Buyer modules

Ivalua Buyer V7 delivers the following functional enhancements across all modules:

E-Sourcing enhancements

E-Sourcing enhancements now available in Version 7 will allow companies to identify and integrate additional spending categories into their sourcing process and improve the management of supplier contracts.

Using Ivalua Buyer V7, sourcing teams will now be able to successfully perform these tasks:

  • Create customized RFx document frames using either the Ivalua Buyer interface or Excel
  • Implement multisourcing
  • Manage multiple-criteria auctions
  • Configure advanced sourcing templates
  • Author and collaborate on contract language using a Contract Clause library

E-Procurement enhancements

The e-Procurement enhancements now available in Ivalua Buyer V7 deliver a far more flexible requisition and procurement framework. Combining a more intuitive user interface, advanced catalog search functionality, completely configurable workflows, and the ability to ensure solid integration with ERP systems, the Ivalua Buyer V7 platform can successfully manage every aspect of the procurement cycle while adhering to the terms of supplier contracts.

The new e-Procurement toolset includes the following key enhancements:

  • Redesign of Catalogue and Shopping Cart ergonomics
  • Standardized punch-out catalogues
  • 3-click requisitions
  • Order and payment scheduling
  • Requisition and Order consolidations
  • Enhanced collaboration with supplier base
  • Standard interfaces with major ERP systems

New Strategic Analysis and SRM tools

Our new Strategic Analysis and SRM tools, which have been tightly integrated with rest of the suite, provide advanced analysis and reporting capabilities to enterprise users as well as key touchpoints of the procurement process itself: purchase requisitions, sourcing events, contracts, orders, procurement activities and the billing interface. Our new tools give users an increased visibility into the life cycle of the spending activities they perform, while at the same time optimizing resource selection and incorporating supplier risk data into the procurement process.

The Strategic Analysis and SRM toolset includes the following new functionality:

  • Dynamic cross-tab analytics
  • Easy-to-use query tool
  • Management of multi-supplier contracts
  • Supplier activity audit trail
  • Comprehensive supplier evaluation toolset

“With Ivalua Buyer V7, we have solutions that simplify the day-to-day spend management processes, quicken time-to-value in deployment and increase adoption and retention of users (both buyers and suppliers),”says Paul Noël, VP Procurement Solutions.

“Ivalua Buyer V7 demonstrates a set of cutting edge technical innovations including enhanced ergonomics, in-depth control over the spending landscape, and a powerful easy-to-use administration toolset,” says Jean-François Perroud, Project Manager, Group Information Systems, Faurecia SA.

“Leveraging our technical know-how, our deep knowledge of the spend management domain and all-important client input, we now have a suite that is both integrated and modular. This allows us the flexibility to solve client-specific operational objectives and for our clients to realize considerable savings,” adds Paul Noël.


The release date for Ivalua Buyer V7 is October 19, 2011. All product modules are now available.

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