Ivalua Recognized as Value Leader in Procure-to-Pay by Spend Matters

Redwood City, CA – Jun, 13, 2017 – Ivalua, the leading global Spend Management Cloud provider was recognized by Spend Matters as Value Leader and Customer Leader in the Procure-to-Pay SolutionMap, which selectively charts procure-to-pay solution providers and scores them on Solution Capability and Customer Value.

Spend Matters recognized Ivalua as a Value Leader in the Deep, Do-it-Yourself (DIY), MEGA and ERP Wrapper Personas. In addition, Ivalua was recognized a Customer Leader in the Nimble Persona.

Ivalua Recognized as Value Leader in Spend Matters’ SolutionMap for the following Personas:

  • Deep Persona: for highly sophisticated organizations looking for the best solution for the job; best-in-class functionality with no compromises.
  • DIY Persona: for moderate to highly sophisticated organizations with unique process requirements looking for modularity, configurability, integration; supporting flexible, diverse and evolving needs.
  • MEGA Persona: for mature, outcome-focused organizations requiring a combination of functional capability/solution enablement; pre-loaded capabilities and content; and tips, tricks and guidance.
  • ERP Wrapper Persona: for organizations with a strong ERP backbone looking for a new “skin” atop ERP to transform the user experience; strong supplier/content enablement and connectivity.

Ivalua Recognized as Customer Leader in Spend Matters SolutionMap for the following Persona:

  • Nimble Persona: for early formation organizations who need speed, efficiency, low price, quick value and a continuous stream of quick “wins.”

“Spend Matters’ persona-based approach to mapping procure-to-pay providers to organization requirements is unique,” said David Khuat-Duy, Corporate CEO and Founder of Ivalua. “We are truly honored to be recognized by Spend Matters as a Value Leader in all three SolutionMap categories just a few short months after Gartner recognized us as a Strategic Sourcing Leader in 2017.”

“We are excited that our customers gave Ivalua the highest Customer Score out of 10 providers in the Spend Matters Procure-to-Pay SolutionMap for the MEGA persona,” said Dan Amzallag, CEO of Ivalua Inc. “Ivalua is now the only provider to be recognized as a Leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Strategic Sourcing and Spend Matters’ SolutionMap for eProcurement, Invoice-to-Pay and Procure-to-Pay.”

“Customers responded to questions such as actual performance versus expectations set in the sales process, responsiveness to issues, level of partnering. Then we interpret the rankings into a collection of common personas that reflect the value proposition, solution strategy and customer segment of different procurement organizations to help procurement executives seek providers whose personas best align to theirs. That’s what makes SolutionMap so powerful,” said Jason Busch, Founder and CEO of Spend Matters.

In April 2017, Spend Matters wrote a comprehensive Ivalua Technology Review where it noted, “Ivalua delivers on all key procurement requisition requirements. This includes the ability to initiate or capture a requisition from any source, including contracts, catalogs, punch-outs, free-form, tooling, project management, inventory/MRP, travel requests and the (exposed) API. There is also the ability to incorporate time- or SOW-based services requests. Each of these requisitions can kick off a different, configurable workflow according to source, type, category, cost center, value, department, project, or any complex (multi-criteria) condition based on all of the above.” Further, it noted, “Ivalua designed its e-invoicing capability to be a highly automated, minimal touch, electronic invoice acceptance, matching and processing system where procurement only needs to touch invoices where there are no contracts or orders for matching or actual disputes (which is generally less than 2% of invoices).”

Read the full report to learn why Spend Matters recognized Ivalua as a Leader in SolutionMap.

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