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Ivalua’s Invoice Automation journey provides a globally compliant Accounts Payable solution that improves efficiency and reduces supplier inquiries, whilst giving you the agility needed in the continuously evolving world of e-Invoicing and tax compliance. From invoice receipt, approval and three-way matching to tax determination and blocking invalid invoices, every step is audited and tracked. Ivalua Invoice to Pay business controls empower your Accounts Payable journey.


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Efficient & Flexible Working Environment

The Ivalua AP Automation solution puts the user first. By enabling the team to work more efficiently from their desk, home or on the road, Ivalua offers an intuitive experience that maximizes adoption. The result is a more flexible journey that cuts the time to process and pay an invoice. Ivalua has automated the content collection and supplier validation, allowing the AP team to focus on adding value throughout the Accounts Payable process.

Free & Easy Supplier Collaboration

The supplier is at the heart of Invoice Automation. Ivalua provides your suppliers with a free and self-service portal, with all the relevant information. No need to call Accounts Payable. With orders, invoices and payment information all in one place, supplier onboarding becomes a breeze. The result is a streamlined journey to pay an invoice with cost savings. Ivalua empowers your suppliers.

Global Compliance for Peace of Mind

Every invoice needs to be compliant with local tax laws and regulations. That’s why Ivalua provides an agile invoicing solution that adapts around the operational needs of each individual business. Be it a pipeline of continuous improvement or tax rules to ensure compliance, at the center of the Ivalua Invoice to Pay journey is a single set of business controls. The result is a ready-to-pay invoice that meets local regulations without the overhead of local complexity. Ivalua allows the global AP team to focus on adding value across the global Invoice to Pay journey.

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We were able to go live with Ivalua's P2P solution in 8 weeks, with more suppliers onboarded than in 7 years with our previous technology provider, employees quickly adopted the software and our suppliers appreciated the Ivalua model, which makes it easy to connect and helps improve collaboration
Cindy Seabrease Director of Purchasing and Accounts Payable

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