Ivalua AddOn Store

Easily & rapidly extend your Ivalua Solution

The AddOn Store enables your Ivalua solution to evolve with you. It allows you to extend and enhance your solution to meet your changing needs, at the click of a button. Think “browser plug-in”.

Instant Activation

With the AddOn Store customers can instantly activate:


Browse existing templates for supplier registration, performance evaluations, risk scores and more.


Instantly add a new insight to your dashboard. For example, supplier sustainability rating.


Leverage existing questionnaires to collect new supplier, regulatory and compliance information and more.

Best Practice Configurations

Configurations to solutions that may be unique to certain industries or regions.

3rd Party Systems

Activate an interface to a 3rd party data source instantly.

The AddOn Store requires:

  • No coding
  • No technical skills
  • No integration work

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