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It Pays to Partner! Ivalua + C2FO: A Powerful Strategic Payments Pair

It Pays to Partner! Ivalua + C2FO: A Powerful Strategic Payments Pair



by Steve Carter

With new accelerated payment capabilities, users can more readily capture supplier discounts, support growth, and strengthen the supply chain. 

It Pays to Partner! Read our FAQ to get acquainted with our newest C2FO Partner collaboration!

Why is this new C2FO partnership important?

Ivalua: The C2FO partnership offers expansive growth and liquidity opportunities to our customers. Far more than “1+1=2”, it’s a combination of the best Source-to-Pay solution with the market-leading dynamic discounting environment. Joint customers will be able to capture higher yields from their early payment programs—turning them into a strategic revenue stream that grows the bottom-line via the C2FO marketplace.   

C2FO: The partnership enables C2FO to offer businesses the ability to improve returns on their cash, in-the-moment, and organically as part of Ivalua’s robust Source-to-Pay experience. Ivalua’s global reach of buyers and their suppliers helps us deliver on our mission-providing access to working capital to businesses so they can grow and thrive.

How will the C2FO partnership benefit businesses?

Ivalua: By enabling every supplier to be part of the program for the sourcing event, organizations can automatically onboard every supplier. This removes risk when buying from innovative or SME suppliers while creating a larger supplier base to target with early payment opportunities via the C2FO marketplace. Once an organization has the complete Strategic Payment cycle in place, CFOs can use the end-to-end visibility to control bottom-line growth with targeted programs. 

C2FO: Buyers on the Ivalua platform can pay their suppliers early and proactively set goals for return on their cash. Better Margins = Direct impact to their bottom line. They can also set up agreeable terms for suppliers who align with their overall diversity and sustainability missions. Further, suppliers benefit from early payment and can offer specialized discounts. 

What sets this C2FO partnership apart? 

Ivalua: Other dynamic discounting solutions are flat, linear tools driven by the supplier’s cash flow needs at the Point-of-Payment. Ivalua’s unique data model and strategic payments capabilities, coupled with C2FO’s marketplace approach, make targeted returns across the whole supply chain possible. Suppliers will be able to capitalize on long-term cash flow opportunities from the Point-of-Order rather than at Point-of-Payment.

C2FO: The on-demand, flexible C2FO working capital platform is a significant component of Ivalua’s modern strategic payments experience. Higher cash yields and direct impact to strategic financial KPIs — such as EBITDA and Days Payable Outstanding (DPO) — equals more supplier liquidity and health. As a result, Ivalua customers’ buyers can strategically align all 3 teams- finance, procurement, and treasury- to complete a holistic, tightly integrated Procure-to-Pay strategy. The data from the C2FO working capital marketplace cycles back into the Ivalua platform and adds more vendor management and risk intelligence.

Does the C2FO partnership have an impact on the supply chain?

Ivalua: Yes, this partnership offers an extensive benefit to suppliers down the supply chain by allowing every supplier to join the process early to release capital down the chain. C2FO supports both links in the chain, allowing a supplier to use liquidity release by their customers to fund discount offerings to sub-tier vendors. 

C2FO: Unequivocally. The joint-effort benefits both large enterprise buyers and their suppliers of all sizes. The strength of the C2FO and Ivalua partnership is the creation of more working capital options for the enterprise. For example, if the buyer is leveraging Ivalu’s solutions, then C2FO can be added anywhere in the supply chain relationship to improve supplier access to working capital. The Finance team can focus on the release of low-cost finance and target yield-based saving programs. Procurement can use C2FO to reduce the risks within the supply chain, onboard diverse, environmentally conscious or innovative suppliers.

What are the key takeaways from this new partnership?

Ivalua: This partnership turns static early payment programs into strategic growth initiatives. By closing off the liquidity gap between an organization’s finance and procurement team, Ivalua creates a platform to drive bottom-line growth; adding C2FO turns visibility to liquidity and into an asset for CFOs. This partnership is unrivalled in the industry,  turning early payments into a price reduction lever for procurement and cash returns for the finance team. What’s more? The supplier can maximize their cash-flow with the possibility of next-day cash.  

C2FO: Ivalua’s premier Procure-to-Pay platform and our leading working capital solution have combined to offer a streamlined ePayment experience to solve complex challenges and roadblocks. The result? Higher cash returns for buyers, more liquidity for suppliers, and a virtuous cycle of increased working capital! 

At Ivalua, it Pays to Partner and we cannot wait to see these solutions in action!

For more information on C2FO + Ivalua, you may access our PR, Partner Landing Page, or contact payments@ivalua.com.


Blog - Steve Carter - Senior Product Marketing Manager

Steve Carter

Senior Product Marketing Manager

Spanning a 30-year career, Stephen has led successful global product marketing launches alongside procurement experts and finance professionals in both the public and private sector. As a longstanding contributor in the ever-evolving sourcing industry—from early OCR—to the establishment of eInvoicing Networks, Stephen now applies his extensive tech experience to Ivalua’s unified Procurement platform. A problem solver and industry thought leader, his product positioning is central to generating long-term customer value while streamlining user experience. In software development, adaptability is the key and Steve’s commitment to the future of procurement is propelling Ivalua toward the next generation of strategic payment solutions. Outside of his professional life, Steve is a published author and 17th Century historian.

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