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Gather, cleanse, classify, and enrich spend data to uncover and identify value generating opportunities. Spend analysis is the basis for a strong and informed procurement strategy.

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We have a strong partnership with Ivalua and continue to generate value. With Ivalua we have achieved 100% digitization across all procurement processes and have been able to capture a tremendous amount of savings.
Sylvie Robin Romet Chief Procurement Officer, Credit Agricole

What is spend analysis?

Effective Spend Management starts with accurate, actionable information – spend visibility is the critical first step. Spend analysis is the process of gathering, cleansing, enriching, categorizing, and analyzing all spend data within an organization. The data from spend analysis improves overall understanding and visibility into enterprise spend but also helps to inform procurement strategy and drive improvements in efficiency, performance and compliance.

Spend analysis is a critical first step to empower procurement teams with relevant data and insights to identify and capitalize upon opportunities to decrease costs, understand purchasing patterns, manage risk and drive overall value to the organization.

  • See exactly what you purchased and from which suppliers
  • Quantify, validate and prioritize savings opportunities
  • Power your strategic sourcing program with a robust sourcing pipeline
  • Identify maverick spending
  • Improve buying processes
  • Track compliance and fraud
  • Improve compliance and spending patterns
  • Identify price variance and other "quick-hit" opportunities

Achieving effective Spend Analysis is not easy.

Despite spend analysis being an important first step, Procurement teams often face challenges in uncovering the right level of insight from spend analysis activities because of a lack of transparency into how spend data is classified. But also, due to the challenge of dealing with poor quality, incomplete or old data.

Disparate data sources, missing or inaccurate classifications, duplicate supplier records with various spellings and a range of other issues remain a major obstacle at most companies. Poor data leads to poor strategy and poor decisions. Being confident in your spend data and trusting it goes a long way towards building a strong strategy.

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Spend Analysis With Ivalua

Ivalua’s Spend Analysis offers a complete and transparent solution for achieving effective spend analysis across all spend.

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Accurate Classifications on Demand
A powerful classification engine to ensure accurate results. Get or update spend classifications whenever and as often as you want — no more spend classification by batch or via lengthy refresh cycle. All with unparalleled performance, even with the largest data volumes to not keep you waiting.

Simple Data Extraction, Transformation & Loading
Integrated ETL capabilities take the hassle out of collecting data from your many systems. Extract data in any format, map it in Ivalua and schedule loading frequencies.

Complete Transparency
Get 100% transparency and visibility to classification rules with an intuitive UI and reporting that will facilitate accurate classification. See how every line is classified.

Opportunity Identification
Actionable insights to quickly identify, quantify and prioritize opportunities. Leverage a library of pre-packaged reports or easily create a new analyses to view data however you want it, with powerful visualization.

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