Ivalua Procurement Platform

The platform for all your spend and suppliers

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The Ivalua Platform is uniquely designed for agility, performance, and scale.

A truly unified platform built on one data model offering consistent user experience, business logic and workflow that seamlessly connects all source-to-pay processes and data.

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Ivalua Platform

Ivalua platform schema

Ivalua Source-to-Pay Solutions

A complete, unified and market leading Source-to-Pay suite that generates value rapidly across all your spend and suppliers, is easy-to-use and can evolve with your needs.

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Welcome to the Configurable Cloud

The Ivalua Platform is built on a configurable cloud. An industry leading multi-instance cloud environment that allows you to scale up or down and be assured of the highest security and performance standards, no matter where or what device.


Fast and Flexible

  • Upgrade on your schedule, not ours.
  • Pre-packaged industry tailored solutions, pre-built integrations and insights.
  • Meet different business needs through powerful configuration.

Secure and Reliable

  • You can count on our security standards at any scale or level of complexity, with monitoring and reporting to keep you focused and productive.
  • No data incursions of any kind, ever.
  • SaaS architecture with the highest security standards.
  • FedRamp Ready

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Mobile Friendly

The Ivalua Platform and all source-to-pay solutions are mobile ready, empowering all users on any device.

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What makes this all possible?

Platform Components


Highly configurable UI and schema without any coding.


Easy collaboration via a panel on any process or document internally and externally.


Powerful and flexible workflow engine to meet any need.

Documents & Content

Ensure that all documents and content is appropriately tracked, archived and managed.


All the tools necessary to connect Ivalua to your ERP and other systems, no matter how complex.


A unified data framework enabling powerful reporting, analytics.

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