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What is Management of Direct Spend ?

Management of Direct Spend refers to the end-to-end Procurement process companies use to manage the procurement of direct materials – that is the materials, goods, and services that make up a product.

Effective Spend Management is critical to product success, and by extension the success of the organization. Direct Spend Management, when successful, builds supply chain resilience and agility.

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Unfortunately, Direct Spend Management activities and processes are often highly manual, and non-standard. This can lead to process inefficiencies that limit an organization’s ability scale, less than optimal decisions, increased occurrence of risks such as supply disruptions, quality and performance issues, and even reputational damage.

Ivalua’s Direct Spend Management solution is a completely integrated, intuitive and transformative experience for all stakeholders of the Direct Spend Management process. With it, procurement organizations are empowered to achieve greater product success and supply chain resilience through better supplier engagement and supply chain collaboration across the product lifecycle.

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Lifecycle Manager screen

Direct Materials Sourcing

Maximize strategic sourcing outcomes and improve product launch success

  • Make your BOM your sourcing dashboard
  • Seamless and easy integration with any ERP/PLM, ensuring reduced effort, data accuracy and reduced sourcing cycle times
  • Collaboratively identify & mitigate issues
  • Standardize & improve product launch & audit readiness
  • Seamlessly manage strategies across programs, projects, suppliers, as well as the entire organization
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Purchase Order Collaboration Screen

Supply Chain Collaboration

Secure your supply chain and reduce the risk of disruption

  • Digital, collaborative & transparent supply chain transactions
  • Reduce errors, cycle-time and improve accuracy and agility
  • Seamless and easy integration with any ERP/MRP system to automate the Planned Order process to ensure fast user adoption
  • Collaboratively share forecasts with suppliers and receive confirmations, changes, etc.
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Inventory Dashboard

Inventory Collaboration

Collaborate better to optimize stocks

  • Share inventory levels and demand forecasts easily with suppliers
  • Collaborate efficiently with suppliers on VMI through the supplier portal
  • Increase supplier autonomy on replenishment orders within the agreed boundaries (i.e., min, max levels)
  • Optimize purchase quantities with quick access to stock-level information
  • Easily allocate stocks to relevant storage locations with full visibility into stock distribution, and preferred locations
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