Every user has different capabilities, skills and abilities that creates the dynamic team environment you work in today. Ivalua is committed to providing applications that are accessible to all individuals, whether they access content and functionality of the Ivalua platform through the Public Portal, the Supplier Portal, or the Internal Portal deployed within our customers’ organizations.

It is a critical part of our commitment to ensuring an optimal user experience that is also consistent with accessibility regulation and requirements around the world. Therefore, we spend the extra time needed to design a solution and user interface that caters for ALL users.

Regardless of the job, task or platform activity, accessibility for all is at the heart of the Ivalua experience. Not only does this include making sure users with assistive technology have access to Ivalua, it also shapes the innovation that goes into our products.

This includes:

  • Support for speech recognition software for those unable to access a keyboard or mouse
  • Interaction for screen reading applications for those with from poor, limited or no sight 
  • Native screens and user interfaces designed to support those with color blindness

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