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Optimize Spend with Inventory Visibility

As low inventory levels increase the risk of stock outs, any excess inventory can greatly impact working capital. To eliminate unnecessary spend, organizations must automate replenishment processes and connect buyer and supplier communities with accurate forecasts, inventory on-hand, and shipment information.

Prevent Stock Outs or Build Ups

Ivalua’s Inventory Collaboration Solution prevents redundant spend by providing visibility into available inventory, preventing excess stock and timing replenishment. Buyers can share forecasted demand and inventory needs with suppliers and collaborate to optimize fulfillment and improve order accuracy. Inventory collaboration is the ultimate way to improve efficiency and optimize spend.

Optimize Inventory and Working Capital

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Secure the
Supply Chain

  • Anticipate potential shortages and stock outs
  • Auto-calculate replenishment needs
  • Automate replenishment orders
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Streamline Inventory Management

  • Track and manage inventory levels 
  • Guide users to purchase inventory on-hand
  • Share preferred storage locations and availability
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Improve Supplier Collaboration

  • Share forecasted demand with suppliers 
  • Visibility and control for vendor managed inventory (VMI)
  • Ensure replenishment efficiency

A Unified Platform for All Spend







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Additional Modules

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Inventory Visibility

Improve Spend Management with Inventory Visibility

  • Optimize purchase quantities with quicker access to stock level data
  • Replenish stock levels via proactive alerts and automation settings
  • Direct your purchases to targeted storage locations 
  • Increase user satisfaction with improved stock availability and shortened lead times

Vendor Managed Inventory

Collaborate with Suppliers to Optimize Inventory

  • Provide inventory and forecast information with your suppliers
  • Share access to inventory replenishment control 
  • Collaborate over stock replenishment 
  • Increase supplier autonomy for replenishment within boundaries set by procurement
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