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Reduce the Environmental Impact of Your Spend

Manage Value Chain Emissions and Drive Sustainable Supply Chains

Procurement and Supply Chain teams are essential players in the race to reduce Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions, specifically Scope 3 carbon emissions. With over 75%* of total emissions being from an organization’s value chain, businesses must look to suppliers to build a more sustainable supply chain. But how can they embark on this journey?

Establish a Transparent Baseline and Set Reduction Targets

With Ivalua’s Environmental Impact Center (EIC), organizations can build meaningful and transparent emission reduction initiatives. By utilizing reliable data to generate emission baselines and collaborating with suppliers, the EIC is committed to creating a sustainable supply chain. This allows Procurement and Supply Chain departments an important opportunity to contribute to corporate sustainability goals.

*Source: CDP

Supply Chain Sustainability with Data & Collaboration

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Transparent Carbon Emissions Baselines

  • Import data from external data sources
  • Engage Suppliers at all levels of the value chain
  • Gather and manage environmental certifications and policy documentation
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Prioritize Reduction Opportunities

  • Establish carbon emissions savings goals
  • Collaborate with suppliers and stakeholders on specific plans for reduction
  • Leverage environmental information across sourcing and sustainable procurement processes
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Manage and Track Carbon Emissions

  • Track carbon emissions at the Supplier level with multiple intensity analyses
  • Build emissions models for commodities and products
  • Track emissions across the product lifecycle utilizing verified supplier data
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Ivalua is one of the few truly integrated suites available on the market and it sets the benchmark in terms of configurability, especially with regard to self-service configuration for processes/workflow, business rules and UI. Continued strong execution makes it a perennial “To Know” and this year in particular has seen the introduction of well-designed tools for carbon emissions calculation and decarbonization management, among many other improvements.Quote - Right - White

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Accountability and Action

Ivalua’s approach and sustainable procurement solutions simplify the process of understanding and managing emissions data, offering companies an invaluable means to increase transparency in their operations and gain valuable insights into sustainable supply chain management.

Track and Manage Performance

With Ivalua, you can make a meaningful impact on the environment by setting ambitious goals and emission targets. Get creative as you work with suppliers, stakeholders, categories and products to pinpoint opportunities for achieving sustainability and reducing emissions – then report on your progress!

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Additional Modules

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Drive Transparency into Scope 3 Emissions

Gather Data from Multiple Sources, Populate Scorecards and Analyses

  • Collect data from suppliers with detailed questionnaires
  • Import GHG emissions data from third-party sources
  • Track emissions with dashboards and detailed reports

Assess Environmental Performance and Manage Risk

Monitor Scope 3 Emissions and Manage Environmental Risk

  • Monitor carbon emissions data across time periods and intensity levels
  • Track risk with unique and configurable environmental risk scores
  • Generate notifications and alerts across environmental factors, levels, and scores
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Identify and Prioritize Opportunities

Create and Execute Strategies to Drive Value Across the Value Chain

  • Utilize environmental data to establish low carbon catalogs
  • Inform complex sourcing scenarios with environmental scores
  • Launch emissions reduction plans and track benefits
  • Collaborate with Suppliers on improvement initiatives

Manage Emissions at Category and Product Level

Enhance Carbon Emission Calculations and Reporting

  • Create emissions baselines across commodities and products
  • Incorporate lifecycle from external data sources
  • Allow Suppliers to override estimates with specific product emissions data
  • Require Suppliers to provide formal verification of product emissions
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