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The Way We Spend Matters

Environmental, Social, and Governance principles are core to Ivalua’s business strategy, enabling the value we provide to our customers and achieving sustainable growth.

Our Vision

We believe that digital transformation will make supply chains more efficient, sustainable and resilient, and unlock the power of supplier collaboration.

“As we strengthen our global sustainability platform, Ivalua’s most impactful contribution will emerge from the successful implementation of our spend management solutions with some of the world’s leading brands. The way we spend matters, and we are collectively committed to long-term sustainable growth.”

David Khuat-Duy, Founder & CEO

David Khuat-Duy, Founder & CEO
Digital Workflows

Ivalua joins the UN Global Compact

Ivalua bolsters its ESG commitment by joining the United Nations Global Compact

Our Values

Ivalua Values 01 - Customer-Centric


We listen to our customers and focus on their success

Ivalua Values 02 - Collaboration


We are better working enthusiastically as one team

Ivalua Values 03 - Results-Oriented


We take ownership and focus on outcomes

Ivalua Values 04 - Care & Grow People

Care & Grow People

We respect differences and develop our employees

Ivalua Values 05 - Integrity


We are open, honest and fair with others

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Even as a software business, we make every effort to reduce the impact on the environment.

We achieve this by:

  • Reducing energy usage & emissions
  • Sustainable waste management
  • Enforcing our sustainable procurement policy worldwide
  • Carbon conscious business travel
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Our inclusive and diverse employee base is what makes our community-focused culture special. We recognize the value people powered diversity brings to our customers and the communities we serve. 

We continue to nurture our unique culture through:

  • A diversity-focused recruitment policy
  • Education initiatives
  • Commitment to equal opportunity
  • Supplier diversity policy
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Strong governance around our ESG policies and practices makes them more impactful and meaningful. 

To that end, we commit to: 

  • Ethical business practices
  • Uphold human rights
  • Provide a healthy and safe working environment
Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Diversity is part of Ivalua’s DNA, it has and will continue to be an essential component of our growth. Ivalua employees come from all corners of the world but are motivated by one vision, unified through one culture and committed to customer success. We recognize the value of diversity and work to attract, educate and grow current and future employees.

Ethical Business Practices

Across Ivalua globally, we enforce our Code of Ethics, this includes compliance to applicable laws and regulations, ensuring ethical business practices (e.g., anti-corruption, anti-bribery) and a commitment to social responsibility. This Code defines the guiding principles of Ivalua, which are based on the values of our organization and applies to all our employees, partners and suppliers.

Ethical Business Practices

To Learn More About Our Policies and Programs, Get in Touch with Our Team.