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Boost Margins to Fund Growth and Innovation

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Rapid Transformation in an Unpredictable Market

The retail and consumer product industries have undergone a rapid transformation in the past few years, accelerated by the onset of COVID-19. With consumer trends rapidly shifting and supply disruptions rising in frequency, it has become essential to build resilient supplier relationships and better manage all spend, including Goods Not For Resale (GNFR). To stay afloat in an unpredictable environment, Procurement can generate significant value to impact the bottomline and ensure supply continuity.

Redefining Retail Business Models

With Ivalua, businesses can accelerate their digital transformation to achieve cost reduction, process efficiencies across source-to-pay and mitigate supply risk but also make progress on strategic objectives such as sustainability, diversity, innovation and supply chain resilience.

Proven, Reliable Partner for Retail and CPG Leaders

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Strengthen Your Supply Chain

Collaboratively preempt and mitigate potential supply chain disruptions with your suppliers

  • Map supplier risk & performance including all their sub-tier suppliers and sub-contractors
  • Enhance your risk & performance mapping with external data sources & alert systems
  • Optimize your forecasting and ordering process

Improve Margins and Cash With More Effective Cost Optimization

  • Increase your strategic insight and identify new sources of savings (e.g. Goods Not For Resale)
  • Maximize savings by improving compliant spend
  • Track and report on planned and actual savings
  • Improve cash positions by optimizing the Gross Margin Return On Inventory (GMROI)
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Supplier Collaboration to Accelerate Time-to-Market & Innovation

  • Reduce cycle time with PO automation & collaboration
  • Capture supplier innovation and facilitate new private label products introduction
  • Infuse corporate sustainability goals and objectives into supplier and category management

Create a Consumer Experience for your Business Stakeholders

  • Offer a user-centric journey that adapts to preferred device (from PC to mobile & tablets) & team location (office, warehouse, shop)
  • Ensure globally standardized processes while accommodating the local needs of a decentralized organization
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We started by deploying standard out-of-the-box functionality in Ivalua with a focus on achieving early and quick wins. After this, we reviewed our entire processes by applying lean management principles and embedding stakeholders’ feedback. The flexibility of Ivalua’s platform allowed us to evolve with the organization needs, which accelerated adoption and generated further efficiencies and cost optimization. Quote - Right - White

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Yannick Caharel

Global CPO


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With Ivalua’s Innovative Solutions and Expert Guidance, Retail Companies can Maximize Efficiency on Every Level!