Ivalua Launches Pre-Packaged Solutions for Manufacturers

The automotive sector is undergoing incredible change, and fast. OEMs must to deal with disruptive innovations such as electronic, autonomous and connected vehicles. Together with their suppliers, they must also ensure agility in the supply chains while keeping an eye on costs, risk, and regulation.​ ​Differentiation of products and services is key to building or just maintaining market share and increasingly these will be defined by software (i.e., digital) innovation versus traditional means.

As the makeup of the supply base evolves and agility and speed to market become bigger priorities, Procurement is well-positioned to make a significant impact, should they be up to the task.​ ​Achieving these objectives is not easy given the reactive, opaque and regionally aligned procurement and supply organizations prevalent in the Automotive sector.

Ivalua for Automotive Companies

Ivalua has empowered leading automotive Procurement organizations to make a positive impact on all spend categories – direct, indirect and services. Our highly configurable and flexible source-to-pay cloud platform has enabled Procurement and its suppliers to become competitive differentiators.

Ivalua customers see immediate and sustainable results


Managed in direct and indirect spend by a leading automotive and aerospace company


In annual savings by a leading global tire manufacturer


legacy systems replaced by 1 platform across 330 sites and 34 countries by a leading provider of automotive engineering solutions


active suppliers and 330 strategic suppliers proactively managed by a major automotive manufacturer

Proven, reliable partner for automotive companies

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