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External Workforce Management

Secure your External Talent Investments

Monitor Costs, Mitigate Risks, and Ensure Delivery

In today’s dynamic business landscape, organizations increasingly rely on an external workforce to augment their in-house teams. This strategic move, while necessary, represents a substantial financial commitment. Leveraging external talent often comes with a higher price tag compared to traditional employment models. Despite the considerable investment, many companies find themselves navigating a sea of uncertainty regarding the actual return on this expenditure.

Secure your External Talent Investments

Our External Workforce Management solution secures your outsourced talent investment by providing better-informed arbitrage capabilities for you to engage with the right supplier and worker for the right service. Gain full cost transparency, assess all risk, and accurately quantify overall return on workforce investment

Weave External Workforce in Your Preferred Spend Management Platform

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Central Management of Spend, Risk & Performance

  • Consolidate ALL spend: product, service & contingent workforce
  • Include misclassification risk in your global Risk Center
  • Include worker performance in your service provider evaluations
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Cater for ALL External Workforce Complexities

  • Adapt to any local regulations
  • Adjust to any specific organization need
  • Configure to support any talent pool (freelancers/staffing agencies)
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Multi Layer Visibility

  • From supplier to project & worker levels
  • From candidate to worker transformation
  • From assignment SoW to credentials & asset checklist (badge/laptop)

A Unified Platform for All Spend







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Additional Modules

Select The Right Talent, at the Right Cost, at the Right Time

  • Job title catalog & contingent worker request
  • Policy & contract checks
  • Quick candidate request & submission to suppliers
  • Interview scheduling & tracking
  • Multiple interviewer feedback

Engage Swiftly & Risk-Free

  • Asset checklist (badge, laptop, etc.)
  • Documents and policy signature
  • Existing records & worker credentials
  • History of assignments & rates
  • Worker performance
  • Easy Renewals

Execute within Budget, Planning & Quality Standards

  • Real-time budget consumption
  • Control overtime & extra hours
  • Milestones follow-up
  • Delivery quality check