Supply Chain Collaboration

Secure your supply chain and reduce the risk of disruption

supply chain collaboration

Building a Resilient Supply Chain is Not Easy.

A manufacturer’s supply chain is mission critical to ensuring that production lines keep producing products that generate revenue. However, the task of sharing and confirming forecasts, capacity, and Planned Orders, is often a highly manual process where timely changes, updates and additional information is often not possible.

Ivalua’s Supply Chain Collaboration solutions make real-time collaboration across the supply chain possible on material forecasts, available capacity, and Planned Orders. These capabilities streamline the process of securing the supply chain and reducing the risk of disruption.

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Forecast Collaboration screen

Forecast Collaboration

Collaborative confirmation of material forecasts & capacity

  • Share demand forecasts: Share forecasts for one or several materials from an MRP system with suppliers.
  • Secure supply chain needs: Enable digital collaboration between buyer and supplier to secure volumes required per period.
  • Preempt potential supply chain disruptions: Confirm suppliers’ capacity to meet demand at a line-item level, identify potential disruptions and take action
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Purchase Order Collaboration Screen

Planned Order Collaboration

Optimize supply chain order efficiency

  • Benefit from digital, collaborative, and transparent supply chain transactions: Optimize supply chain efficiency with collaborative, scheduled line order confirmations.
  • Reduce errors, cycle-time and improve accuracy and agility: Easily integrate with any ERP / MRP for seamless P2P automation, and work with suppliers with various levels of sophistication
  • Encourage user adoption with direct P2P process automation: Enable rapid adoption for internal users and suppliers with real-time visibility and transparency.
  • Build Supply Chain Resilience: Identify disruptions early and collaboratively pivot to avoid stock outs, line shutdowns, and reduce the need for safety stock.
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