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ERP Integration & Inter-Connectivity

ERP Integration & Inter-Connectivity

Welcome to a new world of Cloud integration possibilities

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Ivalua empowers you with fast, flexible & stress-free Integration to any ERP


Number of unique ERP (and other) systems Ivalua has integrated to

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Data Integration

Plug-n-Play Experience

The power of the Ivalua user journey is that it is built on strong foundations that include an open data model, an out of the box Source to Pay process, and an agile integration architecture. This creates an elastic 360° approach that flexes to address the challenges of your business requirements and allows quick assimilation into your existing information technology landscape. 

  • Seamless connectivity with all the major ERP systems
  • Application integration to web-based business services
  • Integration driven source-to-pay scope workflow
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There was huge value in our deployment; being able to deploy a solution that integrates with legacy systems really enabled us to automate our processes and keep track of everything.Quote - Right - White

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Corey Roberts

P2P Project Director


Transaction Transparency

The Integration Console gives you total transaction transparency. This ensures seamless flow of content between applications, while helping your team track and monitor each connection.
Raw interface requests and response data is logged being available without needing IT intervention. Data flows can be re-triggered by users with the proper permissions or automatically with the user journey. File and data payloads can be downloaded before and after transformations.

Multi-ERP Integration

Integration Workplace

Ivalua does not believe you should pay for something as important as connectivity or need 3rd middleware to plug procurement into an existing or complex application landscape.

The Integration Workplace is simply part of the platform tools you need to build, test, and run unlimited system relationships. This fits within the Ivalua open architecture and single code base to offer rapid deployment and highly configurable components.

  • A Service Oriented Architecture that relies on open standard protocols and industry standard message formats to exchange data with external systems.
  • An Enterprise Application Interface (EAI) module that combines APIs, ETL and Query tools to help orchestrate the data transfer with external systems and services.
  • A set of tools designed to plug into various enterprise systems and business services.
  • Developer tools for building and discovering existing APIs.
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The Ivalua technology gives us the opportunity to not only improve our core data, but delivers an end-to-end solution with advanced capabilities that improves the Whirlpool / supplier experience.Quote - Right - White

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Blaine Hurley

Sr. Director Sourcing Excellence


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Unlimited Integration Possibilities

Solutions - Multi-Instance ERP Integration

Multi-Instance ERP Integration

When dealing with multiple SAP or ERP systems, Ivalua is designed to understand and manage that data from different system environments may conflict.

Therefore, as part of the import/export process Ivalua undertakes several transcoding steps to maintain the history of the original ERP context. This allows Ivalua to ensure that data in the workflow is correct, and a unique record is created within Ivalua.

Plug-n-Play SAP Experience

With over 80% of Ivalua’s clients using SAP as their ERP, there is an SAP Plug & Play connector supporting SAP R/3 ECC and S/4 HANA on-premises.

The Play-n-Play connector is based on over 20 years of interfacing with SAP, and the result is adaptors for the sources of data that Ivalua would require from SAP. For S/4 SAP HANA Cloud, the Integration Workplace can be used to with the same adaptors via web-services.

Solutions - Plug-n-Play SAP Experience

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