Multi-ERP Integration

Realize the possibilities of simple, deep ERP integration

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Ivalua empowers you with fast, flexible & stress-free Integration to any ERP


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Data Integration

Our Approach

The Ivalua Advantage

  • Unique platform flexibility and built-in capabilities (Integration Toolbox)
  • Supports numerous formats and a wide range of open standards
  • Provides a single point of control for security and integration administration


  • A quick, smooth and stress-free integration
  • Ability to easily meet unique and highly complex requirements
  • Rapid time to value for customers, their employees and suppliers
There was huge value in our deployment; being able to deploy a solution that integrates with legacy systems really enabled us to automate our processes and keep track of everything.
Corey Roberts P2P Project Director
Multi-ERP Integration

Guaranteed Data Transfer Security and Privacy

The Ivalua Platform implements only data transfer protocols that guarantee:

  • Data privacy (encryption) so that no intermediate system can use the data.
  • Data security (integrity or tamper prevention) to prevent modification to the data while it is in transit.

Ivalua Integration Toolbox

Enabling rapid deployment and highly configurable components

Built on open standards to streamline integration with external systems, the Ivalua Integration Toolbox features:

  • A Service Oriented Architecture that relies on open standard protocols and industry standard message formats to exchange data with external systems.
  • An Enterprise Application Interface (EAI) module that combines APIs, ETL and Query tools to help orchestrate the data transfer with external systems and services.
  • A set of tools designed to plug into various enterprise systems and business services.
  • Developer tools for building and discovering existing APIs.

Master Data Management

Don’t just transfer data, clean it

Our uniquely deep integration with ERPs allows Ivalua to offer master data management solutions, cleaning and normalizing the vendor and item data in your many ERP instances.

Learn more

The Ivalua technology gives us the opportunity to not only improve our core data, but delivers an end-to-end solution with advanced capabilities that improves the Whirlpool / supplier experience.
Blaine Hurley Senior Director, Sourcing Excellence
Procurement and Supplier Management

Message Types

Ivalua supports a wide variety of open standards for incoming and outgoing message documents.

  • CSV: delimited flat text file
  • Excel, Word, PDF: alternative flat file
  • XML: structured document standard
  • JSON: Web Service message standard
  • EDI: standard e-Commerce message exchange
  • cXML: XML-based e-Commerce standard protocol
  • xCBL: XML-based e-Business document standard
  • OCI: Punch-out catalog standard
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Communication Protocols

Ivalua supports many ways to make synchronous or asynchronous connections with other systems using a multitude of communication protocols, including:

  • HTTPS: secure hypertext transfer
  • SFTP: secure file transfer protocol
  • REST: stateless web services
  • AS2: secure message transport over HTTP/S