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Inflation Control

Tackle Inflation with Effective Procurement Strategies

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Strategies to Battle Inflation

With inflation now a key business concern, Procurement must execute strategies to protect profitability without jeopardizing supplier relationships or future growth.

Now with Ivalua, organizations can effectively manage all spend, with access to the necessary data, insights, and collaboration to blunt the effects of inflation.

Maximize Addressable Spend

Every dollar brought under management yields 6-12% savings and Ivalua’s platform enables you to manage the most complex categories.

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Ivalua customers routinely perform at Best-in-Class levels (91.2% managed) or above versus only 59.7% for others.

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Ensure coverage of all spend areas – direct, indirect, services, capex, tail spend, assets and tooling, etc.

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“With Ivalua’s platform, we were able to accelerate our digital transformation, significantly increasing spend under management, gaining control over enterprise-wide data for better decision making and driving efficiency and a consistent, natural user experience “

Vitold Horodecki

Vice-President Americas Chief Procurement Officer


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A 360-degree view of supplier activity enables consolidating spend with your best suppliers, improving performance and pricing.

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Powerful sourcing technology to run events more effectively.

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Understanding cost drivers to pinpoint the cause of rising costs.

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Collaboration capabilities to share information with and engage suppliers to reduce overall product costs, supporting profitability for the full supply chain.

Lower Unit Costs

Reduce prices without damaging supplier relationships or compromising governance by improving collaboration with suppliers and sourcing more categories. Best-in-class organizations competitively source 57% of addressable spend (vs. 41%), ensuring that contracts are with the highest-value suppliers based on the most relevant criteria.

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>10% savings each year for 9 years

Improve Efficiency

Especially in lean times, doing more with less is critical. Ivalua improves procurement and accounts payable efficiency so you can continue investing in future growth without increasing costs.

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Seamless, complete Source-to-Pay suite and high adoption enables 99% digitization levels – staff can focus on strategic initiatives.

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Automated 4-way match of invoices for touchless, accurate processing.

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Flexibility enables digitization of unique processes and categories.

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“With Ivalua we were able to digitize our complete source-to-pay process for all spend, including complex processes unique to the healthcare industry. With the paperwork out of the way, our caregivers can now better focus on their patients.”

Tony Johnson

SVP & Chief Supply Chain Officer

Baylor Scott & White Health

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Ivalua’s unified platform ensures a seamless flow through the S2P process– sourcing results flow to contracts, your catalogs and orders, then match to invoices.

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Unmatched supplier enablement ensures items are available in the system, so employees have no reason to bypass these items.

Capture More Savings

Only 61% of the average company’s spend is compliant. With 12-18% savings on spend brought into compliance, reducing maverick spending is an easy way to balance the effects of high inflation on profits. Ivalua helps ensure employees buy the right product from the right supplier at the right price.

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“We have a strong partnership with Ivalua and continue to generate value. With Ivalua we have achieved 100% digitization across all procurement processes and have been able capture a tremendous amount of savings.”

Sylvie Robin Romet

Chief Procurement Officer

Crédit Agricole SA

Unleash Category Management

Empower category managers with the transparency needed to optimize what you buy and from whom globally.

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All information in one place: Category, supplier, and contract-level visibility.

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Smart category strategies based on market intel.

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“With Ivalua, we realized tremendous speed-to-value and benefit from a simpler and more focused source to-contract solution. We have already achieved 10x ROI in a very short time.”

Arindam Sengupta

VP & Head of Procurement APAC


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