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What is Sustainable Procurement?

Sustainable Procurement is the incorporation of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) principles into procurement processes and policies, ensuring that business with suppliers is conducted in a manner that aligns with corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategies.  

Sustainability, as well as overall Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) pressure is intensifying on businesses around the world. Customers, investors, employees, citizens and governments have a vested interest in ensuring that businesses establish and execute ESG strategies. We believe Procurement is key to executing and accelerating ESG initiatives.

The benefits of such initiatives for humanity
and the planet are clear and necessary.

There are also significant business benefits for those that make progress towards ESG and sustainable procurement initiatives:

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Lower Costs

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Increased Sales

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More Competitive & Innovative

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Reduced Supply Chain Risk

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Greater Customer Loyalty

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Stronger Supplier Relationships

Ivalua empowers you with insights and collaboration tools to:

Monitor Compliance

Select Diverse, Sustainable and Ethical Suppliers

  • Integrated ESG information to make more informed supplier selection
  • Sourcing decision center automates & optimizes award scenario analysis based on ESG and other criteria
  • Discover new suppliers aligned with your ESG goals
Improve ESG Initiatives

Collaborate with Suppliers to Progress ESG Initiatives

  • Communicate ESG guidelines and policies
  • Securely share information to co-develop, innovative and find more sustainable solutions
  • Define and collaborate on corrective action plans to drive continuous progress
Supplier Selection

Performance and Compliance

  • 360 degree visibility to audit & assess performance and compliance
  • Access rich data and information from our 3rd party ecosystem
  • Multi-tier & subcontractor visibility to assess the full supply chain

Supporting Some of the World’s Most Sustainable Companies

Procurement Impact on Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance

Procurement strategies orchestrate where and how a company spends. In doing so, Procurement can ensure that business with suppliers is conducted in a manner that aligns to certain environmental, social and ethical standards.

Sustainable Purchasing practices can help incorporate ESG into day to day operations e.g., what is purchased, from whom, how it is delivered, what is known about that supplier, finding a new supplier, etc.

Environment, Social, and Governance

What is Environmental, Social and Governance?

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) is not new, it is really a more measurable evolution of Corporate, Social, Responsibility (CSR).

  • Environmental covers issues around climate change, pollution, carbon emissions and footprint, deforestation, and more
  • Social covers issues around health and safety, human rights, diversity, equality and community impact.
  • Governance deals with business ethics including board composition, executive compensation, accounting and auditing, bribery and corruption.

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