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In the last decade, financial regulation has grown tremendously with restrictive capital requirements, stricter risk management obligations and new data privacy laws. Abiding by this broad regulation corpus is not an option anymore, failing to do so jeopardizes the core business.

Procurement, as a major gateway to third parties, is a key stakeholder in protecting the business from third-party risk. However, leading procurement teams do not solely see suppliers as a source of cost savings and risk mitigation. They also view them as a key component to improve business performance, innovation, sustainability and diversity. They leverage them to reinvent their business model, satisfy rising customer expectations and fight back the intensifying global competition.

Ivalua provides a market-leading solution that Procurement can leverage to both secure compliance and bring more value to the business.

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Ivalua Financial Services Procurement Solutions


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Digital Transformation for Financial Services Procurement

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Mitigate Supplier Risk and Ensure Compliance

  • Build a compliant Source-to-Pay process accounting for FRB & EBA guidelines on outsourcing
  • Know Your Supplier (KYS) inside out with 360-degree information
  • Proactively manage supplier & sub-contractor risk & performance
  • Satisfy auditing & reporting requirements from supervisory bodies
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Create Lasting Value with Supplier and Category Management

  • Strategically manage categories to create value beyond savings
  • Collaborate closer with suppliers on innovation and regulations
  • Infuse corporate sustainability goals and objectives into supplier and category management
  • Track and report on planned and actual performance
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Effectively Capture Value with 100% Digital Procure-to-Pay

  • Delight employees with a modern buying experience
  • Improve compliant spend
  • Onboard all suppliers to enable digital transactions
  • Ensure globally standardized processes while accommodating local needs
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Manage Services Spend and Secure the Best Talent

  • Help to bridge the talent gap with sufficient supply
  • Maximize purchasing policy compliance
  • Bulletproof contracting process to mitigate misclassification
  • Ensure your quality standards are met
  • Anticipate renewals
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We have a strong partnership with Ivalua and continue to generate value. With Ivalua we have achieved 100% digitization across all procurement processes and have been able to capture a tremendous amount of savings.
Sylvie Robin Romet Chief Procurement Officer, Credit Agricole


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The Value of a Complete, Unified Source-to-Pay Suite

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  • Digitize All Source-to-Pay Processes
  • Manage All Business Spend Management Categories
  • Improve Transparency & Master Data Quality

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