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The Value of a Great Workplace

All companies want the best and brightest. At Ivalua, we also want team members who have a global point of view and who bring customer-focused enthusiasm and ambition to the table. We are a company of doers, of problem solvers, of figure-it-outers. We have fun and we work hard. This is a truly global company with a diverse team of contributors and a set of core values that people can feel every day across all our offices.

  • Commitment to Results. Talk is cheap. We like to get things done.
  • Customer Focused. We know what’s important.
  • Teamwork. Success is sweeter – and more likely – as a team.
  • Innovation. Never stop seeing or striving for a better way.
  • Personal Development. Stretch yourself and reach new heights
  • Fun. The value of a smile.

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There are jobs—and then there are careers. At Ivalua, we offer the opportunity to do the kind of work that adds up to something meaningful. As one of the fastest growing companies in Silicon Valley, we offer the opportunity to challenge yourself, learn new skills, and be surrounded by smart, ambitious and highly motivated people day in and day out.

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Please apply to a posted opportunity today to join a global team that has demonstrated consistent growth and success!

Life at Ivalua

I like that we’re a growing company and my colleagues are from around the world. Each one of us offers a unique background and perspective, which makes Ivalua an enjoyable place to work.
I like the fact that I get to work with a lot of customers who are really different from each other and have unique needs. This makes my job a challenge every day and requires a lot of flexibility