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Sourcing with Ivalua

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Be a sourcing superhero.

From spot bids to complex sourcing projects involving direct materials, customers achieve results fast.


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With Ivalua, we have accelerated our sourcing life cycle and are able to consistently meet and exceed savings targets. We can measure cycle times for various project types and identify and eliminate bottlenecks to make sourcing more efficient and drive better outcomes.
Ben Lizak Manager, Sourcing Life cycle Management, Sprint
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Sourcing Projects & RFX

End-to-end sourcing project management for ALL spend types

  • More effective sourcing project management: Define and track project progress, teams involved, communication, documents, tasks, dependencies and more.
  • Easier collaboration: Gather key stakeholder requirements and collaborate with flexible workflows.
  • Start fast: Create or reuse different types of RFx templates, questionnaires and workflows to get started fast.
  • Have the right information for analysis: Collect any level of quote detail that is needed, from simple piece price to the Total Landed Cost from suppliers.
  • Achieve the best outcome: Analyze all scenarios by scoring and comparing bids, optimization, split awards by percent, quantity or value and simply flip an RFX into a contract.
  • Manage All Spend: Indirect, direct, CapEx and Services, without compromises.

Sourcing Decision Center

Make the right allocation and supplier selection decisions, every time

  • A seamless process for end-to-end sourcing: Natively integrated with Sourcing, Contracts and the whole S2P platform with supplier risk and performance data, providing a seamless end-to-end user experience.
  • An intuitive solution designed for all users: A simple user experience combined with automation empowers all organizations and users with the benefits of sourcing optimization across all categories.
  • Leverage a library of rules and scenarios: Add pre-built scenarios to quickly analyze and compare allocation options.
  • Simple rules creation: Leverage the natural language-based rules builder to simplify the work of building scenarios.
  • Make better decisions, faster across all spend: Leverage sourcing project templates with preset optimization scenarios that run automatically giving users immediate access to optimized results, reducing cycle time and standardizing the analysis.


Efficiently find the best value

  • Launch an auction quickly: Initiate multiple types of auctions from RFQ bids and manage auctions across multiple lots.
  • Real-time updates: Receive real-time updates as suppliers bid or message.
  • Understand the impact: Graphical auction display and multi-criteria ranking.
  • Support for all your strategic needs: Comprehensive auction type support, manage multiple lots, plus the ability to build equations and transformations.
  • Scalability: Unparalleled ability to scale to meet your needs with concurrent bidders, number of items, bids and auctions running in parallel.

Category Management

A 360-degree view, or “cockpit”, for strategic category action and perspective

  • Create, manage & execute strategy: Define and roll-out category-wide objectives, category action plans, the plan & tasks and incorporate all relevant organizations, stakeholders, suppliers to ensure all are working towards the same objectives.
  • Socialize strategy and collaborate: Efficiently collaborate and share knowledge across teams to ensure a consistent and comprehensive strategy for a given category.
  • Monitor, and see the impact: Leverage analytics and KPI’s to monitor all aspects of category spend and risk and track category action plan savings with Savings Tracking.
  • Continuous improvement: Identify additional improvement opportunities, continuously analyze spend, market data, and benchmarks.

BOM Lifecycle Manager

Turn the Bill of Material into your sourcing dashboard

  • Achieve your targets: Manage your product’s bill-of-materials (BOM) through the sourcing, costing and supplier selection process.
  • Evaluate supplier selection strategies fast: Quickly create scenarios to quickly evaluate supplier selection strategies.
  • Manage supplier engagement throughout the product lifecycle: Easily launch business processes (e.g., sourcing, quality, P2P) from any level within the BOM view.
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