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With Ivalua, we realized tremendous speed-to-value and benefit from a simpler and more focused source-to-contract solution. We have already achieved 10x ROI in a very short time.
Arindam SENGUPTA Global VP Strategic Sourcing & Procurement, Dole
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Sourcing Projects & RFX

End-to-end sourcing project management for ALL spend types

  • More effective sourcing project management: Define and track project progress, teams involved, communication, documents, tasks, dependencies and more.
  • Easier collaboration: Gather key stakeholder requirements and collaborate with flexible workflows.
  • Start fast: Create or reuse different types of RFx templates, questionnaires and workflows to get started fast.
  • Have the right information for analysis: Collect any level of quote detail that is needed, from simple piece price to the Total Landed Cost from suppliers.
  • Achieve the best outcome: Analyze all scenarios by scoring and comparing bids, optimization, split awards by percent, quantity or value and simply flip an RFX into a contract.
  • Manage All Spend: Indirect, direct, CapEx and Services, without compromises.

Category Management

A 360-degree view, or “cockpit”, for strategic category action and perspective

  • Create, manage & execute strategy: Define and roll-out category-wide objectives, category action plans, the plan & tasks and incorporate all relevant organizations, stakeholders, suppliers to ensure all are working towards the same objectives.
  • Socialize strategy and collaborate: Efficiently collaborate and share knowledge across teams to ensure a consistent and comprehensive strategy for a given category.
  • Monitor, and see the impact: Leverage analytics and KPI’s to monitor all aspects of category spend and risk and track category action plan savings with Savings Tracking.
  • Continuous improvement: Identify additional improvement opportunities, continuously analyze spend, market data, and benchmarks.

Savings Tracking

Know how your hard work is making an impact

  • Establish goals and track progress Plan annual savings goals for the sourcing team and track negotiated savings at individual, team, and business level.
  • Aggregated view Roll up all sourcing work for an aggregated view of savings vs. the goal, even incorporating actual spend from invoices in the reporting.
  • Project management Organize a team and project manage their tasks, dependencies, and timing.

Program Management

Better organization and management of strategic initiatives

  • Manage all programs and related projects Keep track of strategic programs, projects, transactions, and the stakeholders that are involved.
  • Visibility and participation across stakeholders Enable stakeholders outside of procurement to communicate, plan, manage tasks, upload docs and track progress of projects they are involved in.
  • Direct access to information Link projects to sourcing, contracts, requisitions, orders, invoices, performance evaluations, etc. for a full view of all activities in procurement that affect the project.

Sourcing Decision Center

Make the right allocation and supplier selection decisions, every time

  • A seamless process for end-to-end sourcing: Natively integrated with Sourcing, Contracts and the whole S2P platform with supplier risk and performance data, providing a seamless end-to-end user experience.
  • An intuitive solution designed for all users: A simple user experience combined with automation empowers all organizations and users with the benefits of sourcing optimization across all categories.
  • Leverage a library of rules and scenarios: Add pre-built scenarios to quickly analyze and compare allocation options.
  • Simple rules creation: Leverage the natural language-based rules builder to simplify the work of building scenarios.
  • Make better decisions, faster across all spend: Leverage sourcing project templates with preset optimization scenarios that run automatically giving users immediate access to optimized results, reducing cycle time and standardizing the analysis.


Efficiently find the best value

  • Launch an auction quickly: Initiate multiple types of auctions from RFQ bids and manage auctions across multiple lots.
  • Real-time updates: Receive real-time updates as suppliers bid or message.
  • Understand the impact: Graphical auction display and multi-criteria ranking.
  • Support for all your strategic needs: Comprehensive auction type support, manage multiple lots, plus the ability to build equations and transformations.
  • Scalability: Unparalleled ability to scale to meet your needs with concurrent bidders, number of items, bids and auctions running in parallel.