Invoice Automation

Discover Invoice Processing Software from Ivalua

Discover Ivalua Invoice Processing Automation

What is Invoice Automation?

Invoice Automation unlocks the power of your Accounts Payables team by hitting new heights in automated invoice processing. Digital invoicing software utilizes smart matching within one-click workflows that manage line level allocations and tax treatment automatically.

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We have a strong partnership with Ivalua and continue to generate value. With Ivalua we have achieved 100% digitization across all procurement processes and have been able to capture a tremendous amount of savings.
Sylvie Robin Romet Chief Procurement Officer, Credit Agricole
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Benefits of Invoice Automation

Ivalua has embedded smart matching into the Invoice Automation journey allowing every data reference point to be used in the Invoice matching process. All content from the supplier master data, order, receipt or the contract is used to guide the matching engine and improve straight-through process rates.

As well as reducing supplier queries, by utilizing the supplier’s credit control team to self-validate and even self-match before submission. The result is a top performing Accounts Payables team:

  • Increase in Automated Invoice Processing Rates
  • Reduction in Supplier Management Costs
  • Higher number of Invoices Processed per Team Member

To learn how Ivalua can help your Accounts Payables team go beyond the world’s Top Performers request an Invoice-to-Pay demo today.

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