Contract Management

Lock in Value and Reduce Risk Across the Contract Lifecycle

Schema - Contract Lifecycle Management

Improve Compliance, Reduce Risk, Deliver Value

Effective Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) across thousands of suppliers is time-consuming and complex. Pushing contracts through lengthy reviews, negotiations, and approvals can significantly delay Time-to-Value with inadequate standardization–further increasing risk.

Manage all your Contract Processes in One Place

With Ivalua’s CLM solution, turn contracts into a source of value and insight. Accelerate Time-to-Value, inform other procurement processes with relevant contract data and stay on top of important milestones throughout the contract lifecycle.

What Can Contract Management Do For You?

Icon 66 - Digitize and Centralize Contracts for Visibility - White

Digitize & Centralize Contracts for Visibility

  • AI-Powered contract digitization and key term extraction 
  • Powerful contract search and discovery across key data
  • Automated alerts and notifications for key milestones
Icon 7 - Accelerate Cycle Times & Time-to-Value

Accelerate Cycle Times & Time-to-Value 

  • Standardize contracts with pre-approved templates and clauses
  • In-document collaboration, commenting and powerful workflow
  • User-friendly built-in editor and MS Word integration
Icon 52 - Spend Analysis - White

Insightful Contract Analytics & Lifecycle Management

  • Pre and post signature analytics with alerts and notifications
  • Review contract performance and risk 
  • Ensure obligations compliance and assign necessary actions

Ivalua Contract Management Solution

A Unified Platform for All Spend







Design Mode

Additional Modules

Screenshot - Contract Repository - Reporting My Contracts

Contract Repository

Better Contracts, Better Decisions

  • Searchable contract repositories
  • AI-powered key term extraction
  • Complete contract visibility
  • Actionable contract analytics

Contract Authoring

Improved, Lower-risk Contracts

  • Pre-approved template and clause library
  • AI-Powered 3rd party paper processing
  • Collaborative authoring for rapid review and negotiation
  • Workflow-driven process optimization
  • Built-in eSignatures
Screenshot – Ivalua Contract Management - Contract Authoring
Screenshot - Contract Master Service Contract ctr0002 - Contract Data Capture

Contract Data Capture

AI-Powered Digitization and Data Extraction

  • Reduce contract cycle time and accelerate review of 3rd party paper
  • Improve contract visibility and insights
  • Enhance contract discovery and analytics
  • Search and compare clauses

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