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Contract Display

Stay on top of your contracts.

Contract Management of the full lifecyle of your contracts in close collaboration with stakeholders. Ensure contract data is informing all procurement activities using Ivalua’s contract management software

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Increased speed and management visibility into contracts while enforcing strict controls and multiple levels of authorization
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Contract Repository

Let your contracts inform you

  • Contract & Clause repository Find the contracts you need, including PDFs, and manage contract hierarchies and parent/child relationships.
  • Stay informed of key milestones Manage contract commitments and milestones in one contract management system and get reminders as critical renewal or expiration dates approach.
  • Generate valuable reports Manage and report on key negotiated terms of your contracts and track compliance at the line level on requisitions, orders and invoices.
  • Give suppliers visibility Enable suppliers to see red lines and approved contracts along with the products and invoices against those contracts.

Price List & Catalogs

Collaborative with suppliers to ensure users find what they need

  • Accurate items and prices You or your supplier can create and manage catalogs while always ensuring accurate pricing and zero errors for both products and services.
  • Supplier managed catalogs Let your suppliers ensure that their products and services are up-to-date.
  • Approval Workflow Compare item prices and use workflow approval prior to including in the catalog.
  • Capture indirect and services spend Manage items, promotional and preferred as well as services definitions, rate cards and job profiles.

Contract Authoring

Better contracts, faster

  • Rapid contract creation Create contracts quickly from templates or directly from a sourcing project and use the clause library to build an approved contract.
  • Contract workflows optimally designed Create or leverage different contract workflows based on the type, commodity or value allocation of the contract.
  • Get that e-signature Use out-of-the-box integration with DocuSign and Adobe Sign, the leading electronic signature providers.
  • Link to procure-to-pay process Generate requisitions and invoices directly from contracts.

Assets & Tooling

Track locations, usage, depreciation, maintenance and decommissioning of key assets

  • Gather all asset information Capture asset numbers, pictures, labels and other meta-data points.
  • Keep track Track depreciation, maintenance and usage of your key assets.
  • Monitor third-party usage Link directly to suppliers or contractors who are in physical possession of key assets.
  • Know wear and tear on tools Associate tooling to the individual parts they are used to manufacture (including volumes per month that may drive wear and tear on the tooling).

Item and Service Master Data

Use a single primary record as the source of truth for item creation and maintenance

  • One source of truth Use Ivalua's CLM software as the primary master source of truth for item & service data across your enterprise.
  • Capture and maintain Capture comprehensive item & service information in one place by using out of the box Item master and easy configurations to capture evolving needs for product and services data.
  • Transparency and visibility Easily sync and update item & service master data between the Ivalua primary record and multiple other secondary tables in ERP and legacy systems, by using our robust data administration features.

Forecast Collaboration

Share forecasts digitally with suppliers

  • Share demand forecasts For one or several materials from your MRP system with your suppliers
  • Secure your supply chain needs Enable digital collaboration between buyer and supplier to secure volumes required per period (week/month/quarter)
  • Preempt potential supply chain disruptions Confirm suppliers’ capacity to meet demand at a line item level, identify potential disruptions and take action
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