Food and Beverage

Dole on Developing A World Class Procurement Organization to Create Sustainable Value

The food and beverage industry (F&B) globally is going through rapidly changing and demanding consumer preferences, mergers and acquisitions, sustainability and regulatory pressure, higher ingredient and labor costs and much more. At the same time, there are tremendous advancements being made throughout the value chain – in farming practices, food processing, manufacturing and packaging technology, transportation and more.

F&B companies operate in an extremely competitive environment in which product differentiation, innovation and brand image play a critical role. In this world, supply chains are an essential component of success in the market and can be competitive advantage.

Ivalua for Food and Beverage

Ivalua empowers Procurement and Supply Chain organizations to optimize spend, collaborate closely with suppliers, improve operational efficiency and visibility and implement programs to monitor risk, performance and sustainability.

With Ivalua, we realized tremendous speed-to-value and benefit from a simpler and more focused source-to-contract solution. We have already achieved 10x ROI in a very short time.
Arindam Sengupta, Vice President of Strategy, Operations and Procurement

Our food & beverage customers have achieved great results:


Managed direct and indirect spend by a leading supply chain service company


PO's for one of the largest restaurant operators in Europe


Suppliers managed within the system by a major supply chain service company

Proven, reliable partner for food and beverage

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