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Payment Cards

Shift your Payment Strategy: More Cash Rewards, Less Effort

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Optimize Spending and Payment Security

Organizations are rethinking their traditional payment methods as they seek to maximize savings while securely streamlining the invoicing process. Ivalua is at the forefront of this transition, providing a comprehensive card-based solution that operates with leading banking partners. With its simple yet powerful interface and secure data handling capabilities, customers can easily access rebates and enjoy greater control over their spend – all in an efficient manner tailored to meet your needs!

Unlock your Payment Options with Automated Card Generation.

Unlock your payment options and take advantage of Ivalua’s automated card creation. Spend less time managing suppliers, more time utilizing the robust reporting capabilities to track outstanding payments with ease. Empower users by leveraging our intuitive platform so you can benefit from cash rewards beyond what a traditional program would provide – use your own imagination to unlock more rebates!

Bring Your Own Bank Card

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Secure Payments

  • Embedded card workflows
  • Meets PCI compliance
  • 2FA secure approvals
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Maximize Usage

  • Unlocked for multiple use cases across S2P
  • One-time supplier flow
  • Manage team, budgeted, or project spend
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Streamlined Reports

  • Next-day charge data
  • Link spend to users and suppliers
  • Match to orders, receipts, or invoices

A Unified Platform for All Spend







Design Mode

Additional Modules

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Virtual and Purchasing Cards

  • Create a card for a marketing event
  • Issue a one-time card for a single transaction
  • Pay one-time suppliers on invoices
  • Embedded card within catalog orders
  • Issue single-use card on approved receipt
  • Time-bounded cards for subscriptions
  • Pay suppliers on approved order
  • Link cards to a team budget

Payment Cards Checklist

  • Purchasing Card vs. Virtual Card
  • Take advantage of Ivalua’s automated card generation supporting Purchasing Cards (P-Cards) and Virtual Cards (V-Cards)
  • Harness the flexibility to add card payments to any part of the Source-to-Pay process
  • Manage payments for subscriptions, one-time purchases and off-platform vendors for additional savings opportunities
Solutions - Payment Cards - Checklist

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