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Today, businesses globally are more reliant on their suppliers than ever before. For Sourcing and Procurement teams to unlock value from their supply base, there needs to be a shift from tactical to strategic supplier management.

Build Stronger and More Collaborative Supplier Relationships

Ivalua’s Supplier Management solution provides a 360-degree view of supplier information to inform processes, promote strategic collaboration, and create sustained long-term value.

What Can Supplier Management Do For You?

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360-Degree View of Supplier Information

  • Gain complete visibility across supplier information and activities within the Source-to-Pay process
  • Avoid duplication, complexity, and rework
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Integrated Risk & Performance Management

  • Measure and monitor supplier risk and performance with dashboards, scorecards, and external data
  • Automate supplier risk and performance evaluations
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Strategic Supplier Collaboration Capabilities

  • Foster collaborative processes to improve performance, create efficiencies, and promote innovation
  • Leverage templates and project management tools

Ivalua Supplier Management Solution

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Additional Modules

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Supplier Information Management

Let Supplier Information Lead, Not Follow

  • Simple, efficient supplier onboarding 
  • Collect and validate supplier information
  • Segment, review, and approve suppliers 
  • Comprehensive supplier portal

Risk Center

Integrated Assessment and Supplier Risk Mitigation

  • Track risk at supplier, sub-tier, and contract level 
  • Incorporate risk data from external sources
  • Elevate risk with business rules, alerts, and metrics
  • Optimize risk programs through automation
Screenshot – Supplier Network Risk - Risk Center Graph
Supplier Management - Performance Evaluations

Performance Evaluations

Gather Data to Drive Smarter Decisions

  • Evaluate, analyze, and score supplier performance
  • Collect information with detailed surveys
  • Manage and automate performance campaigns 
  • Track, trend, and manage key performance indicators

Issues Management

Track and Resolve Issues Across all Supplier Activities

  • Identify, gather, and resolve supplier-related issues 
  • Categorize and manage issues
  • Track progress in real-time
Supplier Management - Exception Details: Sprocket Assembly Packaging Issue
Supplier Management - Collaboration Plan: Cost of Goods

Collaboration Plans

Improve Performance, Reduce Risk, and Drive Innovation

  • Manage risk and mitigate impacts 
  • Drive performance improvement plans
  • Collaborate with suppliers on new innovation 
  • Assign, manage, and track ongoing actions

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