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The Ivalua Contract Management Solution

At Ivalua, we believe that contracts are living documents at the heart of the Procurement journey.  Therefore, knowing the status and health of a contract is a critical part of the relationship between an organization and it’s suppliers.  Ivalua’s Contract Management solution provides visibility of the contract’s heartbeat and condition through powerful analytics. Not only is it user-friendly, it provides the data needed to make decisions with surgical precision.

Advanced Contract Analytics

Contract lifecycle management view of ivalua software

The potential benefits of advanced analytics for an organization can be tremendous and can really make a difference in transforming an organization’s entire contracting function into a goldmine of competitive advantage. The various benefits of advanced Contract Analytics typically lead to ROI of 15-20%. 

Gather important performance insights in all areas of contracts from areas in the organization that include finance, legal, sales, and Procurement. Our Contract Management software at Ivalua includes a full-featured advanced analytics component that enables observations and insights on data that include the following:

Increased speed and management visibility into contracts while enforcing strict controls and multiple levels of authorization
Keith Bolen Director, Corporate Procurement

Why Choose Our Ivalua Contract Analytics Software?

Our primary goal is to help you lock in the value of our contract analytics software to manage all your contract processes in one place to more easily manage the full lifecycle of your contracts while always remaining in close contact with stakeholders.  Contact us to learn more about how Ivalua works and all the benefits our software offers your organization and your stakeholders.

Ivalua's Contract Analytics Tools

Our contract management software platform comes with many best-practice metrics for different contract types across sell-side and buy-side.  Clients use our platform’s analytics tools to identify and address:

  1. Delays and bottlenecks in contract approvals
  2. Underperforming suppliers
  3. Inconsistent standard terms from a single business partner
  4. Rebate structures that are not beneficial for the company

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What Pain Points does Contract Analytics Address?

Once a contract is up for renewal it’s often too late to make good decisions about the future options and it’s not a strong negotiating position. Without knowing the health and performance of a contract it’s becomes hard to push for discounts or better pricing. The result is to renew at the supplier’s discretion or risk damaging business continuity or downstream customer satisfaction. 

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