Mitigate Supply Chain Risk Through Holistic Supplier Management

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Supplier Risk is a critical priority for manufacturers due to its impact on product success and the organizations revenue.

As the modern supply chain grows in complexity and manufacturers are becoming  increasingly dependent upon their suppliers, procurement leaders need a  solution that streamlines and supports supplier information, performance, and risk management. 

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Ivalua’s complete, unified Source-to-Pay platform empowers manufacturers with an integrated, actionable view of supplier risk and performance.

Supplier risk management

Gain a 360-Degree View of Supplier Information & Activity

  • Leverage a single supplier portal and obtain clean supplier master data
  • Implement a simple and effective supplier registration and on-boarding process
  • Ensure compliance with business and regulatory requirements
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mitigate risk

Identify & Mitigate Risk by Monitoring and Measuring Supplier Vulnerabilities

  • Implement structured processes to assess and monitor supplier risk
  • Evaluate and analyze the full supplier network across multiple performance, transactions, and risk dimensions
  • Collaborate with suppliers to improve performance
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access data

Ensure the Continuity of Direct Materials by Identifying and Sourcing Alternate Suppliers

  • Streamline and simplify sourcing processes and activities, ensuring best practices are adopted
  • Quickly identify supply issues and source alternative suppliers to avoid disruption
  • Meet ESG goals by identifying ethical/sustainable material suppliers
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Collaborate with suppliers

Build Collaborative Relationships with Suppliers to Maximize Value from the Supply Chain

  • Establish flexible, workflow-enabled collaboration between suppliers and stakeholders
  • Add value, improve performance, and take unnecessary costs out of the supply chain
  • Address issues, promote supply chain resilience, and increase opportunities to innovate
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