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A view into all your projects and all your spend data, like never before

Four-Step Framework to Implementing an Effective SRM Program A Report by Gartner


Ivalua Procurement Strategy and Analytics

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Make analytics a breeze.

One platform and one data repository to analyze spend, track your savings, perform deep analytics and manage all procurement projects.

Ivalua really helped us understand spend in a much deeper way. We have real-time updates of the data and full transparency in how items are classified, which really changed the way we are working in Procurement.
Elif BOZOGLU Vice President of Strategy, Operations and Procurement, Cengage

Spend Analysis

Simply understand your spend and take action

  • Classification, anytime Get spend classifications every day, or whenever you want — no more spend classification by batch or via lengthy monthly refreshes.
  • Find opportunity Gather, cleanse and classify and enrich spend data to find sourcing opportunities, track compliance and fraud, measure pricing variance and much more.
  • Simple UI and no black box Use a simple UI, not a complex technical tool and get 100% transparency into the process, know exactly how an invoice is classified.
  • Intelligent classification rule Automatic proposal of classification rules based on activity/data across S2P process.

Savings Tracking

Know how your hard work is making an impact to the bottom-line.

  • Establish your goals Plan annual savings goals for the sourcing team and track negotiated savings at individual, team, business unit or category level
  • Track your progress as a team Create and track category specific action plans with savings forecasts and detail plans, tasks and actions for team members
  • Prove the results to Finance Report on progress (forecast vs. actual) across multiple sourcing projects and contract negotiations, incorporating transactional information.

Performance Evaluation

Gather and understand performance data on suppliers and buyers

  • Supplier performance Evaluate and analyze suppliers across multiple performance and risk dimensions and prevent issues before they occur.
  • Operational performance Evaluate buyers on workload, productivity, savings, cycle times and stakeholder satisfaction.
  • Campaign management Full campaign management tools to support evaluations (templates, communications, stakeholders, etc.).
  • Powerful, robust survey tool Use existing template or easily build new survey for different needs and get full data analysis on responses and participation.

Program Management

Robust project management and collaboration for all your initiatives

  • Manage the procurement pipeline Keep track of all procurement projects, initiatives and the relevant stakeholders to have a global view of activities.
  • Visibility and participation across stakeholders Enable stakeholders outside of procurement to communicate, plan, manage tasks, upload docs and track progress of projects they are involved in.
  • Direct access to information Link projects to sourcing, contracts, requisitions, orders, invoices, performance evaluations, etc. for a full view of all activities in procurement that affect the project.

Advanced Analytics

Play with your data at a deeper level

  • Configure cube-based analytics Extend and configure cube-based analytics and dashboards. Customize analytics cubes with indicators and dimension.
  • Combine data from various sources Analyze new indicators from ERP, legacy systems or 3rd party sources and combine with your procurement data.
  • Build powerful insights Construct custom dashboards for suppliers, executives, lines of business and more without deep technical skills.
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