Accounts Payable Automation

Unlocking the Secrets of the AP Automation Top Performers

A Checklist for Developing a Future-Proof AP Organization

What is Accounts Payable Automation?

It’s easy to forget that an Invoice is simply a request for payment from a supplier, and therefore it’s the job of AP Automation software to make this simple, fast and more efficient for both the Supplier and the Accounts Payable team. By using the suppliers’ desire to be paid, top performing organizations ensure that the Invoice-to-Pay journey is seamless and touchless.

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Enable Your Suppliers to Automate

All Suppliers, from the poolman to the global providers have embraced electronic invoicing. This could be simply a PDF invoice sent as an email attachment, or it could be full blown electronic data interchange (EDI) as an XML. However, you will still get some good old paper invoices, and that’s why the Invoice Hub handles everything from paper to PDF and even EDI. To be an Accounts Payable Top Performer, that is not enough, you also need to offer suppliers self-validation, self-matching and payment data removing the onboarding barriers and cutting inquiries down by over 50%.

We were able to go live with Ivalua's P2P solution in 8 weeks, with more suppliers onboarded than in 7 years with our previous technology provider, employees quickly adopted the software and our suppliers appreciated the Ivalua model, which makes it easy to connect and helps improve collaboration
Cindy Seabrease Director of Purchasing and Accounts Payable

Top Performing Accounts Payable Automation

A recent Hackett report identified that top-performing organizations, with high levels of Accounts Payable Automation, could save up to 54% on invoice processing costs and only that they only had a third of the internal employees focused on AP.

Unlock the power of your Accounts Payable team and hit new heights in straight-through-processing by utilizing smart matching within one-click workflows, supplier self-matching right down to line level allocations and tax treatment.

We have a strong partnership with Ivalua and continue to generate value. With Ivalua we have achieved 100% digitization across all procurement processes and have been able to capture a tremendous amount of savings.
Sylvie Robin Romet Chief Procurement Officer

Improving Accounts Payable Automation Never Stops

The ability to continuously improve your Accounts Payable Automation is critical to achieving a rapid return on value and going beyond Top Performance. To do this you need the intelligence data necessary to evolve, adapt and enhance the Invoice to Pay journey plus support from across the business.

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