Discover the results of the 1st Ivalua Procurement Executives survey

Ivalua announces the results of the Procurement Executives Survey 2013, the first international survey dedicated to Procurement Executives conducted by Ivalua.

For its first edition, theProcurement Executive Survey focused on the complex topic of procurement department value creation in volatile environments. Ivalua surveyed 457 procurement professionals working at very global corporations (70% of the panel works for companies with 1 billion $ or more revenue), based in 16 countries.

In recent years, the procurement leaders have initiated a period of reflection on a new position for procurement finally exceeding the historical role of cost -killers. Procurement Executives survey results determined that procurement leaders from global companies rethink their roles and responsibilities to be part of a more strategic view of the procurement profession, developing new ways to create value for their businesses. This strategic repositioning of procurement departments within their business is not completed yet, but surely gives them a glimpse of a promising future alike HR , communication, marketing, and financial departments , which in the past managed to print their marks permanently on corporates executives committees and hence their strategies.

The subtext from the Ivalua survey is that three elements are key to the future success of procurement departments: (1) the specialization and professionalization of buyers (2) to open up the company and to create growth oriented partnerships and overall performance. (3) The deployment of collaborative procurement tools with the capacity to support the strategic and operational performance of their business.

The Ivalua Procurement Executives survey 2013 indicates that the process of reflection on new roles of procurement and responsibilities seems to make room to a phase of action.

Ivalua Procurement Executives survey our commitment to understanding the trends and issues affecting the procurement profession. The procurement Executives Report 2013 will provide executives with insights, making their challenges and decision easier to face. We thank the 457 professionals who have shared their views and experiences with us and especially the procurement leaders who agreed to be quoted in this report” concluded Gérard DAHAN, General Manager IVALUA EMEA

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