Ivalua Launches Search360, Bringing Advanced Cross-Catalog eProcurement Capabilities

New capability optimizes the user eprocurement experience and strengthens supplier relationships

Ivalua, a leading provider of global Spend Management Cloud solutions, today announced the launch of next generation eprocurement capabilities at its Ivalua NOW event. Search360 allows users to search seamlessly across hosted and external catalogs, view results in real-time, compare items side-by-side and checkout for approval, all within Ivalua’s eprocurement solution.

Search360 offers significant value beyond similar competitive offerings. The user experience is optimized for search and content, eliminating the hassle of punch-outs. Users have access to more product choice while still complying with company policies. Product information, pricing and availability is real-time as suppliers are engaged in the process by linking their sites to Ivalua.

The new search capability incorporates fuzzy and elastic search, auto-complete, faceted search and much more. All relevant search results are displayed equally on the same screen area rather than in different portions of the screen or as generic links that punch-out to marketplace or other sites.

Suppliers also benefit with Search360 due to improved customer access to their products and services, reduced errors via real time access to pricing and availability and a simple, standardized one-time onboarding approach. Search360 helps nurture supplier relationships rather than strain them, as occurs with web-crawling and other approaches that access supplier sites without permission, often returning inaccurate information or breaking without notification.

The new capabilities were showcased in collaboration with Manutan, a leading player in Europe’s B2B e-commerce sector and supplier to many Ivalua customers. Manutan collaborated closely with Ivalua in piloting this capability, which is now broadly available to Ivalua’s customers, to ensure it benefited buyers and suppliers.

“Manutan has always been committed to offering our customers the best experience possible throughout the whole purchasing process,” said Pierre-Olivier Brial, Deputy CEO of Manutan Group. “We are proud to partner with Ivalua, who shares our customer commitment and innovative spirit, in bringing this advanced approach to eprocurement to the market.”

“Search360 once again demonstrates Ivalua’s commitment to eliminating compromises for our customers and their suppliers,” said David Khuat-Duy, Corporate CEO of Ivalua. “Our customers can now give employees a consumer-like buying experience while still maintaining control over sources of supply and ensuring the best price. Suppliers can ensure accuracy of product details and pricing and maintain a direct relationship with their customers. Manutan has been a great partner in launching this innovation, ensuring we optimally meet the needs of buyers and suppliers.”

More information: https://www.ivalua.com


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