Ivalua Sponsors “Miles for Smiles” in Support of Children in Cambodia

Ivalua sponsored Maximillian Prieto, a student of the University of Minnesota, in his cross-country bike ride in support of Cambodia children, helping him raise over $8,000 in 30 days.

In 2013 Max was working with For a Child’s Smile organization in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, to help maltreated, destitute, and uneducated children. As Max was deeply touched and impressed by what the organization did, he decided to support and spread the awareness of their work. Within 30 days – last May – he successfully completed a bike ride of over 2,000 miles from Minneapolis, MN to Seattle, WA and successfully raised over $8,000.

Max got support from his friends and family, and people across the country, who fed him and gave him a place to rest. The words of encouragement, support and the thought of the children in Cambodia were a great motivation for Max to finish his trip. With Ivalua’s sponsorship, he was able to take care of the large portion of the trip’s costs and achieve his primary goal – raise funds for “For a Child’s Smile.”

“Ivalua was key in helping me achieve what I set out to do. I felt very honored and lucky. I also felt relieved when they helped me. I had less to worry about the expense part of it. I am very grateful to Ivalua for all their help. The trip would not have been such a success without them!” says Max Prieto.

Max is planning on returning to Cambodia to work at For a Child’s Smile next summer after finishing university. He also wants to do a similar campaign in the near future to raise the awareness for such great cause like For a Child’s Smile.

“We were honored to sponsor Max in his challenging trip for such a generous cause! We are looking forward to be the part of more campaigns aimed at helping children and improving their lives,” says Dan Amzallag, CEO of Ivalua.

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