Suppliers’ Innovation: participate in the 2nd edition of Trending in Procurement

Less than 3 minutes

Co-development, Open Innovation, Strategic partnerships … Procurement is set to play a more important part in the process of leveraging Suppliers for strategic Innovation (a role traditionally assigned to R&D and Marketing departments).

  • Has Supplier Innovation become a true priority for Procurement departments?
  • In which area can suppliers have more impact in terms of Innovation?
  • How can Procurement departments assess Suppliers Innovation performance?
  • What is the role of e-procurement tools in this new dynamic?

“Considering Supplier Innovation is not only a critical success factor for Companies, but also an opportunity for Procurement departments to demonstrate their strategic role in the sustainable growth of their businesses.”
Gérard Dahan, EMEA Managing Director , Ivalua

Join the survey (less than 3 minutes) and share your insights with the Procurement Community on Supplier Innovation

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