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May 22-23
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Welcome to the #loveprocurement podcast, where we bring you a fresh and lighthearted take on all things procurement. We’ll dive into this fascinating world with a twist of humor and a sprinkle of fun. Each episode explores a different topic, inviting industry experts and special guests to share their insights, experiences, and stories.

For those that #loveprocurement or are curious why others do.

Season 1 – Episode 2

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Ep 2: When Procurement Changed the Course of History feat. Stephen Carter

RELEASED 2/27/2024

In 1685, two armies led an armed rebellion against King James II of England. Their goal was no less than to remove him from power. In the final battle, 3,600 Government soldiers faced off against 4,000 soldiers led by the Duke of Monmouth. Despite being outnumbered, the Government army took the day.

What was it that allowed King James II and the Government soldiers to triumph? Their strategic procurement capabilities.

In this episode of the #LoveProcurement podcast, Kelly Barner is joined by Stephen Carter, Director of Product Marketing at Ivalua and a noted historian specializing in the life and times of Monmouth and the Restoration.

Stephen combines his love for procurement with his love of history to look at modern business challenges in a brand new context:

  • How procurement has changed since the 17th century and how it remains almost the same
  • Why a ‘boots on the ground’ perspective is critical to procurement’s success
  • The challenges associated with fighting any kind of battle on two fronts at the same time


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