A Record Year for Ivalua

Redwood City, May 13, 2013 – Ivalua continues to grow and has recorded record sales for 2012! With 8.7 million euros in turnover, representing a 20% increase as compared to 2011 and net income of nearly 6%, the company confirms twelve consecutive years of profitability. Following a strategy based on optimal customer satisfaction combined with a broad, flexible product offer which has been rapidly adopted by users, Ivalua has continued to develop, attract new French and international customers, maintain its existing customer base and intensify its partner ecosystem. A high level of customer satisfaction has enabled the company to be listed as a strong performer in the latest study published by a major firm of independent analysts.

Ivalua Buyer: an e-Purchasing solution known for ergonomic design, flexibility and easy handling

Following the launch of Ivalua Buyer Version 7 late in 2011, Ivalua has earned the trust of numerous customers from the private sector and a growing number from the public sector. Because of its intuitive ergonomics, its broad administrative possibilities and a wealth of new functionalities, Ivalua Buyer offers users easy handling and a quick return on investment, both qualitatively and quantitatively. Signatures expanding the list of Ivalua customers in 2012 include Stallergenes, Rexam, TIGF, Saint-Gobain, Unéo, Essec and Thales. To meet increased market expectations, Ivalua has opted to involve its customers upstream in the development and evolution of Ivalua Buyer e-Purchasing software by organizing User Groups and Beta Test Groups each year.

“We learn a lot from customer feedback. Not only do our customers contribute to the functional development of Ivalua Buyer, they also give us their vision of market evolution and purchasing needs for the near- and mid-term,”confides Gérard Dahan, EMEA Managing Director for Ivalua.

A high level of customer loyalty

In addition to winning a significant number of new customers, Ivalua also emphasizes the high level of loyalty of existing customers. Ninety-eight percent of customer companies show continuing trust in Ivalua. Customers like Technip or PSA Peugeot Citroën have renewed their commitment to Ivalua by upgrading their applications under Ivalua Buyer V7.

“We are delighted to see that the innovative features added to Ivalua Buyer are highly appreciated. The satisfaction of our customers is very important to us; this is the reason why we implemented a customer satisfaction program several years ago. The program is specially designed to answer customer requests, as concerns both commercial and technical topics,” continues Gérard Dahan.

Featuring applications which are outstandingly modular and complementary, the Ivalua e-Purchasing software solution meets the needs of large French and international companies in all sectors of activity, including banking/insurance, automotive, construction/civil engineering, energy, services and telecommunications.

Intensified international deployment

The marketing and sales strategy implemented in Europe and the United States for the past few years has earned Ivalua a leadership position among software editors on the international e-Purchasing solutions market. A number of top foreign references now complete the list of existing customers, which includes companies like Euromedic, Bakcell, PKO Bank Polski and AmRest, as well as large American groups such as Select Medical, Fannie Mae and Whirlpool.

“We are now recognized by American analysts and included in their reports, which reinforces our visibility. This means we are now able to participate in a certain number of international calls for tender implying a broad functional spectrum and large volumes of expenditure to manage,” says Daniel Amzallag, CEO of Ivalua, Inc.

In parallel, Ivalua encourages the step-by-step development of its partner ecosystem. According to Gilles Bismuth, Ivalua Business Development Director:

“We have an increasing number of requests from foreign countries. This is why it is important for us to join forces with local partners who have strong purchasing expertise.”

Team reinforcement

Along with growth, Ivalua has accelerated recruitment, which will gradually become more intensive. New talents, both commercial and technical profiles (Development Engineer, R&D, Project Manager, etc.) will be sought to strengthen teams in France and in other countries.

“Our customers appreciate the fact that our teams are close by. For this reason, we regularly recruit new personnel to maintain close contact and respond to customer needs in a personalized way,” adds David Khuat-Duy, President of Ivalua.

Ivalua in 2014: expansive goals

Ivalua also has ambitious plans for the future. After a first step of successful implantation on the American market, Ivalua will continue moving forward and counts on developing company presence in high-potential European areas, such as the United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Scandinavia and Eastern Europe.

In addition, on October 15, 2013, during the Ivalua On Air event, the company will unveil Version 8 of the Ivalua buyer e-Purchasing solution. Numerous technical and functional innovations have been planned for this new version, which will be presented at the Pavillon Cambon Capucines venue in Paris (for more information, see www.ivaluaonair.com).

For the past several years, Ivalua has demonstrated its ability to develop innovative, top-performance solutions and can now boast recognition by a number of well-known international analysts.

“We are proud to see that Ivalua has strong development potential, not only because of the international strategy we have implemented, but also because of our customers,” continues David Khuat-Duy. “Customer satisfaction is an essential element of company strategy. This is why it is important for us to maintain a close relationship with our customers and ensure success both in France and internationally,” concludes Gérard Dahan.

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