Ivalua Chosen by Stallergenes to Structure its Purchasing Processes

Redwood City, CA – Nov 30, 2012 – Stallergenes, a global biopharmaceutical company that specializes in the treatment of respiratory diseases and allergies elected Ivalua Buyer V7 to structure its Purchasing Processes.

This world leader in allergy immunotherapy, present in more than 50 countries, wants to closely monitor its supplier relationships. Ivalua Buyer will allow Stallergenes to identify risks by purchase type and by supplier and to evaluate supplier performance in order to develop detailed action plans specific to each supplier. These action plans in turn will assist the supplier with improving the quality of service.

The Spend Analysis, Action Plans and Purchasing Dashboards modules will enable the group to implement the purchasing strategy set annually, while at the same time tracking the associated savings through the connection with their ERP.

In the words of Philippe Richou, Director of Purchasing and Real Estate at Stallergenes : « By choosing Ivalua Buyer V7, we address our need for strengthening the value created by the Purchasing Department in a rapidly growing group. The core function of the group will be enhanced by the application and the software solution will be gradually deployed across the purchasing teams as well as our major internal clients (Quality Assurance, Industrial, Research and Development, Sales). It will be made available to a lesser extent to our suppliers. Touching all areas, from strategy development to the execution of operational action plans, the software had to be flexible and easy to use».

Jean-Philippe Bouillaguet, Purchasing Manager in charge of the project emphasizes: «The ease of deployment of this solution is very much in line with the existing purchasing process».

There will be a phased deployment of the solution, to ensure a strong adoption of the application.

«We are delighted with the vote of confidence Stallergenes has given us, especially as this large group comes from every competitive industry. The signing of this project illustrates once again the ability of Ivalua Buyer V7 to meet the exacting demands of Purchasing Services regardless of their field» concludes Gérard Dahan, Marketing & Communication Director for Ivalua.

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