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Ivalua Launches Virtual Cards Partnership with BNP Paribas, Making Greater Strides in Financial Efficiency and Flexibility

Ivalua’s new payment card capability will unlock a range of advantages for BNP Paribas clients, including bottom-line cost savings and improved business efficiency, while maximizing rebate opportunities. 

Paris, March 13, 2024Ivalua, a global leader in spend management, today announced a strategic partnership with BNP Paribas that enables the use of their Corporate Cards within Ivalua’s spend management platform. BNP Paribas customers can now expand their card usage with a secure and easy user experience to drive automation and control.  

Ivalua offers a unique approach to the challenges of controlling spend and expanding the financial and efficiency rewards offered by using Corporate Cards. New, innovative capabilities allow any organization to embed their existing BNP Paribas cards into any procurement journey to gain total control over their spend. The result is greater use of cards for purchases not just for traditional expenses but also for catalog purchases, invoices, and even paying for subscriptions or creating a one-time card for a budget or project. This brings all card spend under control to drive business efficiencies and cash management.

Unlike other card solutions, Ivalua offers programmatic control over all BNP Paribas card usage. This closes the loop and allows organizations to identify both suppliers and categories of spend and then reconcile usage back to a user or budget the next day. This level of control is the key to unlocking more card usage. Furthermore, as this is entirely managed within the Ivalua cloud environment, it will play a critical role in improving card security and stopping misuse.

“This partnership with Ivalua will open up new avenues for BNP Paribas clients to enhance their financial efficiency and flexibility. It reflects our commitment to delivering innovative solutions that drive cost savings and streamline business processes,” Carlo BOVERO, Global Head of Cards & Innovative Payments at BNP Paribas.

“Unlike the alternative solutions, for the first time, card usage can be securely managed without restricting the cash rewards possible to our clients,” said Suman Raju, Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Ivalua. “As cash flow remains critical and saving becomes increasingly important, there is no better time to combine the two; we are delighted to unlock new levels of payment automation for our clients through our partnership with BNP Paribas. Additionally, as a customer of BNP Paribas, Ivalua will use BNP Paribas virtual cards internally. This will improve our use of cash while enabling employee agility and efficiency.”

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Ivalua is a leading provider of cloud-based, AI-powered Spend Management software. Our unified Source-to-Pay platform empowers businesses to effectively manage all categories of spend and all suppliers, increasing profitability, improving sustainability, lowering risk and boosting employee productivity. We are trusted by hundreds of the world’s most admired brands and recognized as a leader by Gartner and other analysts. Learn more at www.ivalua.com. Follow us on LinkedIn and X (Twitter).

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